Meet again next week in Paris and at LinuxCon NA 2016 in Toronto

I’m just back from an HPE Event (the ETSS in Gothenburg, Sweden) and will soon have to start the next ones.

First, I’ll be this week in Paris to talk during a MySQL Meetup to cover automatic deployment, in particular with Redfish, images of reference (and a bit of MondoRescue) and automation (ansible e.g.) for DBA.

Then I’m again lucky this year to be retained as a speaker for the upcoming LinuxCon North America which will be in Toronto, Canada from the 22nd of August to the 27th. I’ll have a session on Continuous Packaging, mandatory for DevOps and a 3 hour Initiation Lab on Docker. Interestingly enough at the same time, Jérôme Petazzoni, Docker, will do one on Swarm !! Maybe we should coordinate and make them one after the other (I’d like to attend his Lab BTW !!)

I have now put all my lab material that I do for HPE on GitHub, to make it easier for attendees to report errors, and for others to use them and learn. I have content for Docker (Done with René Ribaud, Yann Allandit, Michael Bright), Git (Done with Clément Poulain), Redfish (Originally written by François Donzé and done with René Ribaud) and soon for Ironic.

Hope to be able to meet with you here or there !

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5 Responses to “Meet again next week in Paris and at LinuxCon NA 2016 in Toronto”

  1. brunocornec Says:

    For you all reading articles till the end, you’ll have a bonus 🙂

    The LinuxCon organizers allows us to share a bonus code with you allowing you to register now and save 20% off your pass with code LCNASP20 and follow my talks … or any other more interesting one (there are a lot !)

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