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Spectacle François Ier en Saintonge


Si le coeur vous en dit, si vous avez un peu de temps aussi en ce week-end de départ en vacances pour certains, venez écouter l’ensemble Variations exceptionnellement en Saintonge, après nous être produits à Biviers et Roussillon, St Ismier et Gières.
Dans ce spectacle autour des arts au temps de François Ier, vous pourrez entendre des pièces sacrées et profanes illustrant la vie du roi, écouter des textes de la Renaissance en rapport et admirer diverses oeuvres d’art du temps du monarque dans un diaporama.

Nous nous produirons:

  • le vendredi 21 Octobre 2016 à 20h30 en l’église St Léger de Cognac
  • le samedi 22 Octobre 2016 à 20H30 à l’Abbaye aux Dames de Saintes

Entrée libre, participation espérée !
Nous sommes dix chanteurs et acteurs dans ce magnifique programme d’une heure et demi avec projection de photos et des textes chantés accompagnés de leur traduction, accessible à tout âge. Quelle meilleure manière de commencer des vacances !

En espérant vous y rencontrer et n’hésitez pas à faire passer le message !

Meet during the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Barcelona


For the first time, I’ll be speaking at the OpenStack Summit during the main conference.

I’ll talk about the possibility to add Redfish support to Ironic.

I’ve already talked about Redfish, either the standard, or through our python-redfish module, even during a vBrownBag session of a previous Summit in Vancouver.

This time I’d like to detail the latest news around the standard itself, how it can be used in an Ironic context and what we’ll have to do to make it work, up to its usage for Alexandria, a CMDB as a service solution we’re also developing in conjunction with these components.

I’ll also attend most of the Ironic dev round table to organize that work, and understand better what the community is expecting from us with regards to the development, and answer to the questions around the specification. Should be a very interesting week in Barcelona (on top of the fact Barcelona is a great city I encourage you to visit !)

Feeling FLOSS-orphaned


Bdale has announced today that he was leaving HPE again. 2 years after he came back all of us FLOSSers inside HPE are orphaned again. He didn’t stay longer than Martin Fink and thus we have now lost the best and most influential FLOSS ambassadors inside the company.

I hope we’ll be able to persue their great accomplishements, as HPE is always considered a fair FLOSS player, helping communities, involved on many projects, pushing GPLv3 (“Copyleft is good” said Martin Fink at LinuxCon EMEA in 2015), partnering with important FLOSS vendors, or with important projects like Bdale with Debian, in summary playing its role inside the overall Open Source community.

I wish to both of them to enjoy their retirements, and hope to cross again their paths soon in upcoming events, where I’m sure, they will always be received as the advocates they are deserve. And many thanks for everything you did to make some of our dreams real.