python-redfish reaches 0.4

But this is only an intermediate step !

It has been a long time since I talked about Redfish and our python-redfish library.

Slowly, but surely we have made progresses to make it more usable. Of course, still not enough to have the Ironic community happy with it, but at least we’re back on track to integrate patches that we have started to receive from community members.

So we’ve published today our version 0.4 of python redfish, and made it available on pypi with its doc as well as packages for CentOS 7, Fedora 25, OpenSUSE 42.2 and Mageia 5 (.deb packages are for the next release). And of course the sources also on github.

And as you can see, it has become an OpenStack project, using then all the tools they set up for software development (git, gerrit, jenkins, …), which explains why it took us some time to migrate everything from our original github env to this one.

Not everything is done yet, we still need to migrate some bug reports, to review and improve some patches, provide our test infrastructure and start, as said, fixing some of the bugs reported by the community. This is what is in front of us for 0.5.

Hopefully, when reaching 0.6 we should be able to come back to the Ironic team to let them evaluate our progresses and see whether we”ll then be good enough to be used by them. Still work to do, but we do that on our free time, so progresses are as they can be (and with the help of contributors, are much quicker than I could have thought !)

Continue to help us help you 😉

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