On the right path

Following the detection of my lymphoma, I’m right now in the middle of the treatment at the hospital and have passed recently a scintigraphy as a control, which doesn’t reveal any pack of cancer cells anymore, showing that the R-CHOP treatment I’m following is efficient.

So we go on, with a chemio every 14 days, up to begining of August where we’ll again make status. Goal being to eliminate remaining cancer cells that would not be seen by that type of exam.

Music is a good medicine for me and after our concert of Saturday, I now hope to participate to my 29th Academy of Early Music in Etampes, now directed by Laudine, the daughter of my master in sacred music Jean Belliard. And as music is also a family affair, I’ll be there with my wife and my first daughter (who will also take care of me !) and so it’ll be both a musical work and a familial pleasure, very beneficial for the cure of the lymphoma.


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