Open data is to be promoted as well

First, I need to apology, english reader of this blog, as I’ve recently used much more my native language to present topics. In fact the last articles are mostly of interest for a french audience, as related to the FLOSSCon event we (FLOSSITA association) are organizing in january in Grenoble during 3 days of the Transfo Festival  in 3 different places for 3 different audiences (consumers, enterprises and public sector) and also my activity for the same festival during the HPE day.

Now I promise I’ll also come back to some of my normal activities and will deliver new versions of and MondoRescue before end of february 2019. And as I’ve been recently trained on python, I’ll come back to python-redfish as well as I continue to exercise with vlub ! And will use these projects during the FLOSSCon of course.

But what I also want to underline in this article, is the importance taken by Open Data. That will be one of the subjects developed during the public sector day of FLOSSCon for sure, and is considered now more and more by public organisations. Last example was provided to me by my daughter, Ségolène, in an article commenting that all Paris museum will publish their art work pictures under an Open Content License (sorry, french articles but important move anyway !)

Of course, that shouldn’t prevent us to continue making pictures freely in museums as a consequence. That’s also very important.

Grenoble as well, is publishing data openly to incite citizens as well as enterprises to take advantage of this data and provide new tools, make analysis, and hopefully due to that improve life of everybody. Hopefully we’ll have speakers to cover this topic in depth during FLOSSCon. And this movement should really be encouraged as it’s in my view as important as FLOSS, standards or Open Formats.

With the computing power at hands we have today, and the deep machine learning software stacks (many being FLOSS), a whole new world of services is in front of us. Hopefully ethics will also be considered when setting up these new services and usages.


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