2 weeks to the Redfish Workshop

We’re making progress with the detailed content of the Redfish Workshop that will happen the 20th of August in San Diego prior to the OSS+ELC NA 2019.

It’ has now been anounced as a colocated event, so hopefully more people will be aware and will attend. To register (no cost asked thanks to HPE and SUSE !), please use the following form. We have a limited number of seats.

The detailed agenda will be published very soon now, but I can already announce that one of our key speaker will be Jeff Autor, HPE Distinguished Technologist and Redfish Forum Co-Chair who will be able to answer all your nasty (or more simple :-)) questions about the standard and cover for us the latest news.

Another key speaker will be Bryan Gartner, SUSE Senior Techology Strategist who will detail various use cases of the Redfish standard in SUSE products (OpenStack and Ironic, and Salt and SUSE Manager).

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