Docker 101 Lab v2

It’s been a long time since I wrote here. Not really by lack of activity: I’m since december 2019 vice-secretary of the HPE Centre de Compétence France (CCF) Worker Council, which leave only 20% of my time to work for HPE and since september 2021 president of the Sport/Leisure/Culture association called InterCE, where I was previously on the board.

So possibilities to continue to work during my day time on FLOSS projects has reduced, but is still there ! And I especially help the HPEDev team in the setup of their Workshop on Demand (WoD) platform to perform knowledge transfer around FLOSS technologies and APIs to developers around HPE and/or Open Source products/projects. That platform relies on its backend on a Procmail API which we have presented already some times with my colleague Frédéric Passeron during various events, even down under !

Besides developing scripts and ansible playbooks to manage the platform, I’m also involved now in providing content, based on previous work I already had shared for years on Open Source tools.

So I’m happy to announce that we finally successfully moved that content into a Jupyter Notebook format exposed as a WoD (with appliance creation on the fly, and Docker in Docker execution to make it more fun on our side ;-)). This way, you don’t need to wait for the next event where I’ll present it live, but can train yourself on Docker and understand the principles behind containerization. Hope you’ll enjoy and learn ! And if you find it useful, pass the word so others can discover it as well and help the stats boom 🙂

Next, I plan to convert the Linux Packaging Lab, hopefully for 2022 !!


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