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Open data is to be promoted as well


First, I need to apology, english reader of this blog, as I’ve recently used much more my native language to present topics. In fact the last articles are mostly of interest for a french audience, as related to the FLOSSCon event we (FLOSSITA association) are organizing in january in Grenoble during 3 days of the Transfo Festival  in 3 different places for 3 different audiences (consumers, enterprises and public sector) and also my activity for the same festival during the HPE day.

Now I promise I’ll also come back to some of my normal activities and will deliver new versions of and MondoRescue before end of february 2019. And as I’ve been recently trained on python, I’ll come back to python-redfish as well as I continue to exercise with vlub ! And will use these projects during the FLOSSCon of course.

But what I also want to underline in this article, is the importance taken by Open Data. That will be one of the subjects developed during the public sector day of FLOSSCon for sure, and is considered now more and more by public organisations. Last example was provided to me by my daughter, Ségolène, in an article commenting that all Paris museum will publish their art work pictures under an Open Content License (sorry, french articles but important move anyway !)

Of course, that shouldn’t prevent us to continue making pictures freely in museums as a consequence. That’s also very important.

Grenoble as well, is publishing data openly to incite citizens as well as enterprises to take advantage of this data and provide new tools, make analysis, and hopefully due to that improve life of everybody. Hopefully we’ll have speakers to cover this topic in depth during FLOSSCon. And this movement should really be encouraged as it’s in my view as important as FLOSS, standards or Open Formats.

With the computing power at hands we have today, and the deep machine learning software stacks (many being FLOSS), a whole new world of services is in front of us. Hopefully ethics will also be considered when setting up these new services and usages.


Le programme startup d’HPE


Je parle rarement de ce que fait HPE, mais cette initiative est intéressante, française (voyez-vous un lien de cause à effet 😉 et peut aider des startup du libre, donc n’hésitez pas à postuler au nouveau programme Startup d’HPE !


Et si vous êtes dans le secteur FLOSS, je serai volontiers parrain de votre initiative ce qui nous permettra de parler de gouvernance, licences, technologie ou autre dans ce domaine !


Ne tardez pas, vous avez jusqu’au 12 février pour candidater.

Bad times ahead for Net neutrality ?


Maybe if what is announced as a new Trump initiative happens 😦
Read and and get this wonderful quote:

“AT&T is buying Time Warner and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it’s too much concentration of power in the hands of too few”

Well who has now too much concentration of power in his hands ? Hopefully the US institutions will prove they can adapt and mitigate this type of behaviour, and leave a neutral Internet.

We, the Open Source community, want and need it ! Time to support organizations like la Quadrature du Net again.

Redfish 1.0 is now out and soon used by our projects


Recently the DMTF announced that the Redfish standard had reached version 1.0, the first usable for production.

If you don’t know Redfish yet, and don’t want to read the full spec, I can summarize it very roughly as a cross-manufacturer RESTful API to configure Hardware systems and recover info from them. Pretty cool in fact as this was a missing brick for a full Open Source based multi-platform Software Defined Infrasctrucute.

Now remains for us to update our python-redfish with it, and start supporting more features now it’s stable. That the first step will allow Ironic, the bare metal component of OpenStack, to have Redfish support, which is IMHO a very highly desirable feature. Not for Liberty, hopefully the spec will be ready for M and code sufficiently developed to allow us to win a slot in the Summit !

Then it will also allow us to advance on the other project we’d like to promote: Alexandria, which is a clever (of course, I’m part of the design team ;-)) way to interface CMDBs (well the one who are themselves clever enough to have a parametrized data model such as iTop) and Hardware information providers such as Redfish.

Imagine that you rack a new Refish compliant server (HP ProLiant Gen9 are among the first to provide already a subset of it), cable power and management board, integrate some info on that machine in your CMDB (iLO credntial and IP address e.g.), and ask through Alexandria that the rest is filled by Redfish calls. And kept updated as time passes. Well, that’s exactly what we try to achieve, as this is one of the need we have to maintain our Solution Center CMDB up to date as easily as possible.

Lots of good ideas, but not enough code to show for now. Hopefully, we should be able to have an Alexandria demo with somple drivers ready for the upcoming OpenStack Summit… and be able to travel to exchange our views with other OpenStacker around all this.

Happy birthday Mageia !!


The 18th of September 2010, Mageia as announced as a new project. So today is a special day, as its the 3rd birthday of my distribution of choice.

More over, it was for me a special day as I was presenting this distribution during LinuxCon US.

Completely unrelated, some of you may know that I’m directing a vocal ensemble.

So combining all 3 elements today, I was happy to have a choir of some 15 people attending my talk sing “Happy birthday Mageia” ! (It was private so no rights issue ;-)) A great personal pleasure !!

And no, there is no recording available but that was done with a community state of mind:-) What you can get are the slides which won’t of course contain that unique moment of art but should motivate you to at least try Mageia.

No next rehearsal planned for our /tmp/choir today but I hope the audience enjoyed it as much as I did.

Fleur Pellerin dans la Silicon Valley sans voir HP ?


D’après le blog d’Emmanuel Paquette, journaliste à l’Express, Fleur Pellerin ferait du 1er au 5 juin un déplacement dans la Silicon Valley.

A ma grande surprise, l’article ne mentionne pas HP dans les sociétés visitées. Je sais que cela fait moins mode que Facebook ou Twitter, mais la compagnie fondée dans un garage il y a 74 ans, et pour laquelle j’ai le plaisir de travailler, reste non seulement la première société dans les TIC au niveau mondial, (ou la seconde derrière Apple selon Fortune) mais elle reste aussi un employeur d’importance en France (environ 5000 personnes), avec des pôles de vente et de support locaux, mais aussi des structures européennes ou mondiales représentées.

J’espère que le cabinet de Fleur Pellerin contactera Gérald Karsenti, le PDG de HP en France, Je suis sûr qu’il se fera un plaisir d’au moins mettre en relation Mme la ministre avec Meg Whitman pour qu’elles puissent se rencontrer en Californie et échanger utilement. Avec le soutient que Meg apporte aux projets OpenStack, Hadoop, Linux et tant d’autres, la discussion pourrait même se porter sur comment HP pourrait aider en France à la mise en oeuvre de la directive du premier ministre sur l’utilisation préférentielle des logiciels libres dans l’administration. Et je veux bien être mis à contribution sur ce sujet au sein du Technology Council HP France 😉

Nous pourrons du reste discuter de cela et de plein d’autres choses lors du Salon Solutions Linux à Paris la semaine prochaine !