MondoRescue 3.3.0 on its way


Well, it’s time for gifts no ? So I passed some days last week to go back to various problems reported, in order to solve them.

The most tricky was mindi-busybox not able to compile on recent distros such as Ubuntu 16 or Fedora 24 (glibc changes in them made that incompatibility). I made tries with busybox 1.25 and it turned out that it seems pretty compatible with 1.21 we were using, but working on these latest distros and working easily on the old distros I want to support as well (I went back to RHEL4 with this patch)

I’ve been able to do backup / restore cycles with both CentOS 6 and 7 without issues with the latest version, after having fixed a lot of small more or less blocking problems.

Now I still have stuff I’d like to fix before release:

For Debian:

In short it’s UEFI support with Debian. I should have worked on that since a long time, but last months were very loaded, both at work and at home. And I’ve not done any progress with it for now.


That will probably wait till 3.3.1

and the most important for me (and some customers), more generic:

I’ll start with this one after Christmas.

And also:

But I have a MondoRescue contributor developing code for that !! That’s really great !

And also two improvements that would make everybody’s life easier:

So, yes, some work on my plate for the new year 2017. But I took also some time off this week to recharge, and so I’d be able to do that, my work back next week, and the rest (concerts planned) with lots of energy !!

Let me take that opportunity to wish to all of you a very good new year 2017, that peace may gain more than loose, that FLOSS may gain more than loose, and that we’ll be actors in this.

Meet at the Paris Open Source Summit


Ok, you see, I’m late ! Not only in producing new versions of software but also to make this type of single announce ūüė¶ But it’s cloudy these days, that may explain that;-) So after having presented during the DACH OpenStack day in Berlin, I’m today (!) leading again this year the Cloud track at the Paris Open Source Summit with great speakers such as Christophe Sauthier (Objectif Libre) who won a POSS award yesterday, Bruno Gillet (Red Hat) who had already a session last year and Julien Corioland and Pascal Sauliere (Microsoft) whom I’m curious to hear about MS’ FLOSS strategy !

So come in Room Gr√®ce at 1:30PM if you want to follow that 2 hour session. Or tomorrow in the main conference room at 11:35AM as I’ll animate a round table around OpenStack Coopetition with again Christophe Sauthier (Objectif Libre) (not just because he won a price, because he has interesting stuff to share about leading CloudKitty !), Patrick Petit (Mirantis), who knows a lot on integration work on OpenStack, and Julien Niedergang (SUSE) who is at the heart of a downstream distribution work with OpenStack.

And last but not least, If you haven’t attended live (you should have!) the keynote of Axelle Lemaire, delegate ministery for Digital in France, sponsor of the event, please do so (as soon as it’s available) as since the creation of all these events in France back in 1998, this is by far the best one. Energizing, visionnary, balanced, with a very dynamic expression, contrary to most years, nobody was sleeping in the room ! Kudos to Benjamin Jean, Jean-Christophe Elineau ad the team for getting her on stage, as I suppose it’s not an easy task, but we need more of such talented speakers. And she contributes to make +1 for women in the men/women balance in that event, which is an additional nice point.

Spectacle Fran√ßois Ier en Saintonge


Si le coeur vous en dit, si vous avez un peu de temps aussi en ce week-end de d√©part en vacances pour certains, venez √©couter l’ensemble Variations exceptionnellement en Saintonge, apr√®s nous √™tre produits √† Biviers et Roussillon, St Ismier et Gi√®res.
Dans ce spectacle autour des arts au temps de Fran√ßois Ier, vous pourrez entendre des pi√®ces sacr√©es et profanes illustrant la vie du roi, √©couter des textes de la Renaissance en rapport et admirer diverses oeuvres d’art du temps du monarque dans un diaporama.

Nous nous produirons:

  • le vendredi 21 Octobre 2016 √† 20h30 en l’√©glise St L√©ger de Cognac
  • le samedi 22 Octobre 2016 √† 20H30 √† l’Abbaye aux Dames de Saintes

Entrée libre, participation espérée !
Nous sommes dix chanteurs et acteurs dans ce magnifique programme d’une heure et demi avec projection de photos et des textes chant√©s accompagn√©s de leur traduction, accessible √† tout √Ęge. Quelle meilleure mani√®re de commencer des vacances !

En esp√©rant vous y rencontrer et n’h√©sitez pas √† faire passer le message !

Meet during the upcoming OpenStack Summit in Barcelona


For the first time, I’ll be speaking at the OpenStack Summit during the main conference.

I’ll talk about the possibility to add Redfish support to Ironic.

I’ve already talked about Redfish, either the standard, or through our python-redfish module, even during a vBrownBag session of a previous Summit in Vancouver.

This time I’d like to detail the latest news around the standard itself, how it can be used in an Ironic context and what we’ll have to do to make it work, up to its usage for Alexandria, a CMDB as a service solution we’re also developing in conjunction with these components.

I’ll also attend most of the Ironic dev round table to organize that work, and understand better what the community is expecting from us with regards to the development, and answer to the questions around the specification. Should be a very interesting week in Barcelona (on top of the fact Barcelona is a great city I encourage you to visit !)

Feeling FLOSS-orphaned


Bdale has announced today that he was leaving HPE again. 2 years after he came back all of us FLOSSers inside HPE are orphaned again. He didn’t stay longer than Martin Fink and thus we have now lost the best and most influential FLOSS ambassadors inside the company.

I hope we’ll be able to persue their great accomplishements, as HPE is always considered a fair FLOSS player, helping communities, involved on many projects, pushing GPLv3 (‚ÄúCopyleft is good‚ÄĚ said Martin Fink at LinuxCon EMEA in 2015), partnering with important FLOSS vendors, or with important projects like Bdale with Debian, in summary playing its role inside the overall Open Source community.

I wish to both of them to enjoy their retirements, and hope to cross again their paths soon in upcoming events, where I’m sure, they will always be received as the advocates they are deserve. And many thanks for everything you did to make some of our dreams real.

Meet during LinuxCon EMEA


After having talked on during the latest LinuxCon NA in Toronto, it’s now time to prepare for LinuxCon EMEA in Berlin.

I’l again talk about packaging, this time “Packaging for Linux Distributions with Docker“. And I’ll also replay the now popular (!) “101 Docker training” I’ve also delivered in Toronto, this time trying to deliver it before the one J√©rome Patazzoni from Docker is doing on Docker orchestration, in order to allow for a complete overview of the Docker ecosystem.

Of course I’ll enjoy attending many sessions on various topics, and will see if in EMEA as well Docker Orchestration is the new Eldorado this year (In Toronto many talks and booth were dedicated to that theme). At least my colleague Mike Bright will cover it well !

See you around !

Docker 101 tutorial for the masses


I already mentioned last year that I initiated a tutorial to help discovering Docker. This was based on the work done in the Docker Dojo during a Grenoble Docker Meetup. It has evolved to really become a nice tutorial that you can easily play on your own, with your Linux laptop, using a trial and error approach. We’ve got lots of positive feedback on it, such as the one expressed publicly by Herman Robers.

Of course, the best is when we deliver it, as it creates a lot of interactions between trainers and trainees due to that ūüėČ But it’s still valuable alone. I’ve delivered it during the latest LinuxCon NA, and will replay it for LinuxCon EMEA on the 7th of October.

Now that you are keen to try it yourself, I can give you the URL: ! Enjoy and feel free to make pull requests.

Journ√©es Europ√©ennes du Patrimoine 2016


Les Journ√©es Europ√©ennes du Patrimoine auront lieu la semaine prochaine les samedi 17 et dimanche 18 Septembre partout en France. Mais je suis s√Ľr que c’est en Is√®re que vous pr√©f√©rerez vernir ūüėČ

D’abord en raison du fabuleux patrimoine local, et aussi parce que de nombreuses animations viendront les mettre en valeur. Et j’aurai le plaisir d’y contribuer avec l’ensemble Variations !

Tout d’abord nous animerons une promenade musicale entre Bernin et St Nazaire les Eymes avec trois haltes:

  • Au ch√Ęteau de La Veyrie de Bernin est √† 14h avec un programme m√©di√©val (Rondeau “Fines Amourettes” d’Adam de La Halle, Saltarello, Stella Splendens du Llibre Vermell de Montserrat)
  • le long d’une maison Renaissance La Beyrou de St Nazaire √† 14h45 avec un programme ad-hoc ! (La Guerre de Cl√©ment Janequin et le Salvum fac Regem de Jean Mouton)
  • enfin, le long du ch√Ęteau de St Nazaire √† 15h30 avec un programme baroque (Le motet “Unser leben ist ein Schatten” de Johann Bach et une sonate √† 2 fl√Ľtes √† bec de Georg Philip Telemann)

Le temps de nous transporter et de nous installer et √† 18h30 nous donnerons notre programme sur les Arts sous Fran√ßois 1er au ch√Ęteau de Roussillon.
Concert de Roussillon

Au cours d’une ballade chronologique d’une heure trente couvrant toute la vie de Fran√ßois Ier, notre ensemble illustrera la vie du ¬ę¬†Noble Roy Fran√ßois¬†¬Ľ en chantant des pi√®ces li√©es aux √©v√©nements qui ont √©maill√© sa vie¬†:

  • des chansons parisiennes illustrant ses amours (Le Bergier et la Bergi√®re de Nicolas Gombert, Vous perdez temps de Claudin de Sermisy),
  • des pi√®ces sacr√©es illustrant la naissance de ses enfants, comme la mort de ses proches, (le Proch Dolor de Josquin Desprez, l’Exalta Regina Galliae de Jean Mouton)
  • des chansons sur les guerres men√©es, sa capture √† Pavie par Charles Quint, son s√©jour en Espagne (Scaramella de Josquin Desprez, La Guerre de Cl√©ment Janequin, Mas vale trocar de Juan del Encina)
  • les tubes de l’√©poque (El grillo et Mille Regretz de Josquin Desprez, Doulce m√©moire de Pierre Sandrin)

Mais plus qu’un concert, nous souhaitons entra√ģner le spectateur dans une ballade illustr√©e par le foisonnement artistique de la Renaissance. Aussi ces pi√®ces musicales seront compl√©t√©es par des extraits de textes po√©tiques, humoristiques ou politiques contemporains, de Joachim du Bellay, Cl√©ment Marot, Fran√ßois Rabelais ou Michel de Montaigne, ainsi que par une projection de photos d‚ÄôŇďuvres d’art des grands peintres et statuaires que le roi appr√©ciait tant comme L√©onard de Vinci, Jean Clouet ou Le Primatice.

En outre, une mise en espace sera assurée pour permettre au spectateur de suivre au mieux le déroulement de ce programme, et être entièrement replongé cinq cents ans en arrière.

Nom de Zeus, n”hesitez pas √† venir nombreux faire cette exp√©rience spatio-temporelle ! Et si vous ne pouvez pas le samedi, rattrapez-vous au moins en venant le dimanche !

Concert de Biviers

Nous serons cette fois en l’√©glise de Biviers, pour contribuer √† la remise en place √† 17h00 de 2 tableaux du 17√®me si√®cle class√©s monuments historiques et tout juste restaur√©s dont nous c√©l√©brerons le retour dans l’√©glise par ce spectacle qui d√©butera √† 17h30.

Apr√®s, vous √™tes convi√©s √† un pot de l’amiti√©. Que demander de plus !!

Pour les malchanceux qui restent en r√©gion parisienne, et voudraient pr√©texter de cela pour se couler douce, pas d’excuse, non plus, allez √©couter le choeur de l’acad√©mie d’Etampes dans un autre magnifique programme Renaissance √† St Sulpice de Favi√®re !

Et comme toujours pour ces concerts, le prix ne doit pas √™tre un obstacle √† l’acc√®s √† la musique ancienne donc l’entr√©e en est libre et notre r√©mun√©ration sera le sourire que vous aurez √† la sortie d’avoir d√©couvert ces merveilles !

Project-Builder 0.14.1 is now out for LinuxConNA !


Well, in fact I froze that version back in July, but didn’t officially announced it till today (vacations were just in the middle). So that version 0.14.1 is now available, it breaks compatibility with previous ones, so you’ll need to update your VMs/VEs with it as well if you want to use it correctly (that’s why it’s still version 0.x !)

But I’ve been able to build a lot using docker containers with that version, and I’m now more and more happy with these results. Especially because it’s easier to fully automate an environment from absolutely nothing except to working packages. I already described it when I released 0.13.1 last year through a short tutorial, but it’s really working reliably now for a large set of distributions:

$ docker images | grep pb-pb
pb   mageia-5-x86_64-pb-pb              fc479023c876        3 weeks ago         413.9 MB
pb   opensuse-13.1-x86_64-pb-pb         2c31c56e7bda        3 weeks ago         354.3 MB
pb   opensuse-13.2-x86_64-pb-pb         c8edeba0440b        3 weeks ago         438.2 MB
pb   opensuse-42.1-x86_64-pb-pb         8e91d2b584ed        3 weeks ago         461.5 MB
pb   debian-7-x86_64-pb-pb              0c133063d4be        3 weeks ago         449.8 MB
pb   debian-8-x86_64-pb-pb              8fb919480351        3 weeks ago         588.3 MB
pb   centos-5-x86_64-pb-pb              c8b6f1a0846b        3 weeks ago         706.6 MB
pb   centos-6-x86_64-pb-pb              a3c1ea318031        3 weeks ago         545.9 MB
pb   centos-7-x86_64-pb-pb              d5790ee97e13        3 weeks ago         392.1 MB
pb   ubuntu-12.04-x86_64-pb-pb          053f112ed939        3 weeks ago         398.2 MB
pb   ubuntu-14.04-x86_64-pb-pb          bc239427fc3a        3 weeks ago         501.7 MB
pb   ubuntu-15.04-x86_64-pb-pb          e6cf8d0fafd0        3 weeks ago         503.8 MB
pb   ubuntu-15.10-x86_64-pb-pb          dba3b580bdc8        3 weeks ago         550.1 MB
pb   ubuntu-16.04-x86_64-pb-pb          02a337752837        3 weeks ago         522.9 MB
pb   fedora-21-x86_64-pb-pb             07223685d24f        3 weeks ago         965.1 MB
pb   fedora-22-x86_64-pb-pb             211b865c1ec6        3 weeks ago         749.5 MB
pb   fedora-23-x86_64-pb-pb             f6012ff7b6b8        3 weeks ago         879.6 MB
pb   fedora-24-x86_64-pb-pb             6d878b489584        3 weeks ago         678.5 MB
pb   gentoo-nover-x86_64-pb-pb          b6ead3da5b85        4 weeks ago         1.392 GB

But I’ve not really worked yet on the ideas expressed when I issued 0.13.2 in February this year.

Instead I’ve done other improvements such as managing signed deb repositories (was asked for a long time), have a better naming for temporary versions (allowing easier updates between temporary versions and also with stables, but creating the incompatibility with 0.13.x), docker tests for lots of distributions (paving the way for automatic testing here from nothing to package build), adding support for pbr, standardizing temporary directory names, …

That will be the version I’ll use to make demos during my presentation next week at LinuxCon North America in Toronto as already announced. Come to see it live and so that we can discuss continuous packaging !

OpenStack Summit proposals


While I’m in vacation around Barcelone, I’ve made before leaving proposals for the upcoming OpenStack Summit which will be … in Barcelona !

If you think they are valuable for the OpenStack community, let them know by voting for them ūüėČ Here are they:

  • The nightmare of Ironic Standalone
  • Empowering Ironic with Redfish support
  • From Bare Metal to CMDB: ITIL as Code

The easiest way to vote is to go to and search for cornec in the search area on the top left. You’ll just get these 3 ones. But of course there are tons of other interesting presentations proposed and as usual it will be difficult for these one to be selected. And you should really vote for the ones which are the most interesting.

Hopefully even if not selected I’ll be able to come back in this great place and meet again with peers after Paris and Vancouver but of course, it will be much more difficult without being a presenter. Let’s see !