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busybox fix while preparing MondoRescue for its 3.0.3 version


While preparing the new version of MondoRescue (test packages on their way for final remarks before having next stable version), I was trying to make a missing version of mindi-busybox for a colleague still using RHEL 3. I quickly realized that my promise to make it (hoping to just type pb -p mondorescue -m rhel-3-i386,rhel-3-x86_64 -r tags/3.0.2 cms2vm) was not so easy to perform 😦

It happens that the version we use (1.18.5) doesn’t compile out of the box for such an old beast as a RHEL 3 with it’s 2.4 kernel. So I had to make some adaptations to the code, in order to have it compile for RHEL3, but still working for newest versions. At least, I have something which seems to be working for RHEL 3, RHEL 6 and Fedora 18, so now I’m building for all my supported distros which now are 120+ and will probably take up to mid day tomorrow.

For those of you interested, had issues with the main Makefile, statfs.h (HAVE_SYS_STATFS_H shouldn’t be set in RHEL 3 case) and a missing BLKGETSIZE64 macro, and the corresponding patch is at:

With that I’m also trying to fix 2 remaining bugs ( and which should have no other impact. The first one is still not fully tested as corrected.

My goal is to publish the next stable version 3.0.3 of MondoRescue this week-end, for my birthday 😉