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Second day at OWF 2011


Humm, took me way too much time to finalyze my notes, but here we go…

After the very dense first day at OWF, I attended again in the morning the Keynote sessions.

Mark Shuttleworth was brilliant as usual. Even if I disagree with his approach of time release (and told him once ;-)) he is an inspiring person, having a vision, that he shared during his “Next five years of cloud and client computing“, and … loving Paris which makes him even more sympathic to french people like me ;-).

Of course, it was more difficult for Nils Brauckman, the SuSE representative to follow him. Which doesn’t mean anything on the qualities of the respective products. Just about their representatives.

The Open Source in the Mobile ecosystem roundtable which followed was covering Android & Meego. I found it valuable, as not being follwing closely this domain, I learned quite a few things,among them the fact that Android still has openess issues, particularly in term of community management, and upstream work. For Meego, these problems do not arise, but the adoption is less obvious, which has since led to the Tizen announcement, 4 days after this event !! The round table also proposed the users view (JC Decaux) on mobile development (rarely presented).

Then Anne Nicolas presented a new company Hupstream and its specific position which is to help companies contributing back to upstream projects, where they don’t know how to do it. The team around her is coming from Mandriva, and is now behind Mageia, which gives them the required credibility to treat correctly with upstream communities, and bring back that experience to end customers for which this jungle seems unpracticle. I’m looking forward their first successes as their model looks promising, and they merit to succeed.

After that talk, I discussed a bit more with the Hupstream team to get fresh news on where they were, and it was after that time to meet with some HP colleagues for lunch. It may sound incredible, but I had not met face to face Didier Patry before, nor Hugo Roy so with Martin Michlmayr and Marc Picornell we ended up passing more time to know each other better, and exchange (sometimes horror) stories around FLOSS, Linux and HP. I really enjoyed that lunch (because I love chocolate ;-)) and due to the high quality of the particpants and their exchange of ideas. Very re-energizing !

Due to that, it was a bit late in the afternon when going back to the event, and as I had no precise session I wanted to see, I was looking around when Laurent Seguin invited me to follow him to a private meeting “Rencontre des Associations”, where various interesting discussions around FLOSS in France were held, which cannot be disclosed… yet.

We ended up at the bar of the OWF, always discussing with Laurent of our respective experiences with various projects and people, sharing again good stories. Laurent is passionate, and full of ideas to make our FLOSS cause progress, and he also contributed largely to the success of the OWF 2011, not speaking about his activities around the AFUL, as a president of that foundation !

It was then time, (again ! I know), to benefit from Paris to enjoy a second concert. This time, it was an early music one at the new Museum Quai Branly. I was lucky to hear one of the groups part of the “Chemin du Baroque” aka Caminos initiative lead by the K617 disc label around the re-discovery of baroque latin american music. The concert was given by the Ensamble Louis Berger (Argentina) lead by Ricardo Massun around Tupasy Maria, la musique baroque des indiens Charcas et Guaranis.

Again what a great day ! But not the last 😉

Note: Some of my photos related to this event are now available at