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Upgrading D7000 firmware from Linux


The nice thing when you register your camera on the Nikon Web site, you received mail when a Firmware update is available. That’s how I learnt that version 1.03 was available.

Of course, there is the easy way to perform the upgrade: you take out the camera’s card, put the firmware on it at the root, and voila.

But I tried to do that from my Linux system, with the camera directly connected to the box in USB. As it only works in PTP mode, it could a bit more chalenging 😉

First, get the firmware from the download page and look at the instructions.

Once you have the right file downloaded, extract the firmware from it:

$ unrar x F-D7000-V103W.exe
Creating D7000Update OK
Extracting D7000Update/D7000_0103.bin OK
All OK

Then check that your camera is seen correctly:
$ gphoto2 --auto-detect
Modèle Port
USB PTP Class Camera usb:008,005

$ gphoto2 -u D7000Update/D7000_0103.bin --folder /store_00010001/
*** Erreur ***
PTP Accès refusé
*** Erreur (-1 : « Erreur indéfinie ») ***

So I activated debug mode, and it turned out that you can’t really write with PTP mode that way on the card 😦
Same thing if you use Dolphin and try to copy paste the file, the target is blocked !

So back to begining, I turned off the camera and removed the card from it.
Then using USB disk emulation, it was easy to copy the firmware at the root of my key placed in a card adaptor on the USB port of my system.
$ cp D7000Update/D7000_0103.bin /media/D7000

Then I put back the card in the camera and turned it on again. I went into the FW menu,just to realize that I didn’t had any way to upgrate, contrary to what was written in the doc. Going back and forth I finally had the idea to unconnect the camera from USB, and then the menu option appeared !
However, the battery wasn’t full anymore so had to charge it again 🙂

A couple of minutes later, the camera was upgrading, and I now have a fully patched one !

Mr Nikon: is it that difficult to provide direct USB disk support in your cameras ? That would be the most direct way for us, Linux users, to deal with your wonderful toy ! Maybe for the next firmware update !!!