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Some news


For the second time, I’ll take some minutes to give you personal news.

Since early February 2018 I’ve had abdominal pain, reason for which I was unable to attend the big HPE event TES/TSS this year in Den Haag. After exams during these last months, I have a lymphoma (type B) which is in simpler words a cancer of some lymphatic glands.

The good news is that it can be cured and conditions seems to be met for that (at the step we’re of course). But for that I need to “disappear” from the HPE scene and also weaken my participation to my other activities during the next 4 to 6 months to follow a cure based on chemotherapy, which started last week.

My main job during the next months to come is to cure. Of course, to succeed, I’ll need to rest, treatment, but also music (listening and practicing), computers (coding is so fun !) and more than ever the support of my family and friends, which is already there and will for sure help overcome this “annoyance”.

Chemotherapy started last week at the Grenoble University hospital, and I must confess I’m impressed by the quality of their work, as well as their capacity to take care of people (the extended team around Dr. Courby is just awesome). I won’t say I’m impatient to come back there (!), but I’m in the best hands possible so that everything works smoothly and for now, I don’t suffer from the potential negative symptoms (nausea, pain), just I’m tired , which is not abnormal.

So do not expect to see me that often around during that period, as especially my concentration capacity isn’t as good as before, which doesn’t allow me to work a lot for now. I’m sorry to leave in particular the Open Source communities where I try to help, but believe me, I’ll try to stay informed of news in that area as much as I can and I’ll be back ™ with renewed energy to continue wearing the FLOSS flag later this year with your help.

This article is the english version of the one posted in french earlier this week to allow nonfrench speaking peopleto better understand my status.