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HP Virtual Room on a 64 bits Linux


HP Virtual Room is a nice aplpication allowing us to communicate remotely with colleagues, partners, and customers, in addition to a conference call, by providing desktop sharing. Very neat for presentations, or demo.

It has provided multiple platform support since a long time (Windows, Mac and Linux) for attendees. You just need to install a dynamic library under Linux, as a browser plugin, whcih is working just fine with Firefox.

Recent versions of the tool have improved and Linux is now fully supported, including for presenters ! However, I recently experienced a problem while at home on my Mandriva 2010.0 64 bits version. The shared desktop window just didn’t want to appear, when trying to test the system.

It took me a bit of time to realize what was happening. The applet is 32 bits, and one 32bits library was missing on my machine to support it correctly. Of course, no useful message was produced to diagnose that, and I finaly found the right error message:

$ grep virtual $HOME/.xsession-errors
/users/bruno/.hpvirtualrooms/hpvirtualrooms: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So just 2 commands later, it was working just fine:

$ urpmf
$ sudo urpmi libalsa2

Just in case you also have the issue one day you now know where to look 😉