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New 3.2 development branch for MondoRescue


I’ve taken over the lead for MondoRescue in September 2005. It has been 8 years these days. And since the 3rd of October 2005, I started a new branch to try to fix the first bug report (I really mean the first !) that was made !!

It took me hours to work on this branch along the years. Many times I’ve left that dev, as it wasn’t working as I wanted. Too many modifications done without testing, then a non working stuff too difficult to debug. I even included a patch from a contributor René-Marc Dolhen to add i18n support, but due to the numerous changs of branches to work on this, it never materialized in an offical MondoRescue version.

So when René-Marc contacted me back 2 weeks ago to again propose to me to add this patch renewed, I decided it was time to make something !

I’ve thus created the 3.2 branch, passed lots of hours again during my recent travel in the US to port patches from the 3.1 branch to this new one and 3.2.0 will be next MondoRescue version. I’m now testing it. trunk, stable (!) and 3.1 branches are now dead. The one after will be named devel, but that’s not for now.

3.2 now compiles, build and even runs up to the archiving point. I’ll start testing restore soon. I’ll make beta versions available as usual and will really need your help as user/contributor to test it in the various cases that you have to make it as reliable as the one we have today in 3.0.

Even if I don’t intend to maintain 3.0 for a long time in parallel with 3.2, it may be done a bit to ease the transition.

BTW, do not expect many news in 3.2. It’s 3.0 with tons of dynamic memory allocation instead of static one where it was easy to do (and done previously). More will come later on. And hopefully with the i18n patch added if René-Marc has still the force to work with me after so many years of delay !!


Interesting end of week


Quite some activities for this end of week and the next one:

  1. I’m publishing on Friday mindi 2.1.7 in order to fix kernel detection issues for the most recent ones (> 3.9).
  2. I’m going by train on Saturday to Paris to attend a concert made by my daughter Ségolène singing early music with Jean Belliard in Etampes (Eglise St Gilles).
  3. I’ll sing myself on Sunday for the last concert of our yearly Académie in St Sulpice de Favière (come and talk about music !!)
  4. I’ll go back to Roissy to tke the plane on Monday morning to arrive in New Orleans for LinuxCon US 2013
  5. I’ll attend LinuxCon on Monday and Tuesday, and deliver a talk on Mageia on Wednesday, then attend the UEFI plug fest till Friday (come and talk about FLOSS !!)
  6. I’ll fly back on Saturday, arrive on Sunday in Paris pass some hours with my daughter again, and then back home in Grenoble to start working again the day after.

The real question now, is that it’s time to sleep, and I need to make the Mageia presentation for next week. Anne Nicolas Velu helped me a lot with material and pointers, now I need to make the 20+ slides I’d like to have to cover the topic in a nice and entertaining way for the audience. Luckily there is a long flight 😉

No time to get bored as you can see.

MondoRescue 3.0.4: Probably not perfect but definitely useful


Not perfect as I’d have liked to fix some more bugs before releasing, but as usual, it’s a tradeoff between delivering a version which already fixed some annoying issues users reported, and waiting more to hopefully fix more of them.

But the good aspect of being a dictator on a project, is that it’s up to you to decide !!

So here it is, version 3.0.4 is born, and on top of what was previously fixed, here are the latest news:

  • Packages are now provided for Fedora 19
  • Fix multipath support on distributions where the libraries are dynamically loaded (thanks to a patch from Dimitri Bellini)
  • Fix #656 by adding support for distributions with no /lib anymore (Fedora 17+, Mageia 3+, …) which was creating issues since quite a long time, despite some (slow !) work arounds
  • Add support for static routes by fixing #697
  • Rework the boot sceens at restore time to give access to the boot parameters docs through the keys F2-F4 which should help newcomers to understand what is possible, and also making restoration from external devices more easy thanks to suggestions of messages from SamK in #628/li>
  • Fix #640 and scratch/temp dir reletion issues for both interactive/batch modes
  • Tape block size can now be specified in the GUI as per #690
  • Files with strange chars in their names such as single quote, double quote, should’nt create a problem anymore, neither in the analysis nor with extended attributes as #673 is now fixed

Of course, please check that your issue is indeed fixed and that this version works better for you. Even if I don’t like that, as with every version, new issues may appear despite tests made on various distributions (the 2 enterprise ones RHEL and SLES being more stressed than others). Please report them so we could approach perfection with 3.0.5. Well one can always dream no 😉

I plan on integrating more content from 3.1 in 3.0.5 as a next step, in order to manage in a better way memory. And I also have plans to work on #628 to close it completely, as well as #627 which are the 2 most annoying issues that have been reported. Now if you want to give more weight to other bur reports, feel free to add comments to this post !

Some interesting stuff for MondoRescue 3.0.4


Well at least I hope so !!

It took me much more time than I expected, and made me sleep at insane hours (yes really !), but I think that the beta that I built today under should be of interest for MondoRescue users.

Some new distros are now added to the list of the one I’m building for (Ubuntu 13.04, Debian 7.1, Mageia 3, Fedora 18, …) Usual job for me, but hey, still of interest for people wanting the latest one.

Speaking of latest Debian, MondoRescue should now work better on it thanks to the fixes around #699 (NFS and SSHFS support), softlink in LocateDeps which have now their target scanned, and some deblint issues removed, including right test binaries placement, and man pages for perl scripts. I have someone working now with me on the re-integration of MondoRescue into Debian, so this version should help him reducing the diffs with his tree, and allow for the next steps (on the packaging itself) to go forward for our goal.

Of course, some annoying bugs reported have been fixed. At least we all hope so 😉

  • grub2 support in #686 by adding grub.conf, grub.cfg and modified to (Thanks to Victor Gattegno),
  • Fix support for OBDR tapes connected to SCSI cards and addition of an obdr modsboot parameter if some additional drivers should be removed,
  • an particularly nasty bug (there since rev 1 !) on SLES 11 SP2 by removing a dd in mindi which was filling the target dir,
  • the full management of scratch and tmp dir has been rewritten, hopefully for a better implementation now and a full resolution of #640,
  • the removal of the notion of number of media (limited to 50 abusively). Cf: #706
  • the addition of a -F option which allows mondoarchive to fail at first interaction. Cf: #702
  • sparse file support by adding a CLI parameter -M to modify the biggie file size limit, by default 64 MB, and by using st_blocks instead of st_size. Cf: #700
  • Fix #679 again and #685 by reducing the list of possible kernels (Thanks to Victor Gattegno and Didier Diaz)
  • Fix #696 for VGs not having a ‘-‘ in their name such as multipath aliases
  • Fix #703 by removing the errctl field used in star and log all star msgs into mondorestore.log. star is now considered production level as afio

And some improvements in the doc such as:

  • Adds more info in mindi log file (df -i, df -a, grub/lilo conf files, fdisk -l)
  • Add an example to use a fixed IP configuration at boot time through mindi.conf
  • Be more precise in messages displayed at restore time when a non-rewinding device should be used
  • Document the new -F and -M options
  • Precise the usage conditions of the exclude option (differences between device vs directory exclusion)
  • Indicate the other new tools than mkinitrd to help rebuilding the boot env (Thanks to Philippe Lefevre)
  • Precising compression rates on GUI button to ease choice (0 is no compression)

Some ongoing efforts at this point would require your help, dear reader to give appropriate feedback to see if we are making progresses:

  • Fix #628 by avoiding to erase choices done for variable bkpinfo->isodir and g_isodir_device in iso_fiddly_bits later in the code
  • Fix #208 by adding cifs support with first modifications to add cifs support as an external FS

So please help us by downloading this beta, which is IMO near from being the next stable and report wheher it’s working fine for you, or whether it’s working really fine for you 😉

I have to say that most of these bugs wouldn’t have been fixed without the work I’ve done for HP’s customers recently, who are using extensively the tool, and were needing these fixes to have it fully working in their environment (RHEL and SLES in multiple versions on HP ProLiant servers). Pending their feedback on this version, I’ll declare it stable if they give me the green light, which should arrive soon now.

An intermediate 2.1.5 mindi version


It’s not very often that I separate mindi from mondo in the publication of releases. But this time it was needed as I had a customer who suffered from bugs that were only needing a mindi realease, and I thought it would help many other users ,so here you are !

Mindi 2.1.5 is there, and is principally solving kernel support detection for the type of initrd possible (solves an abort of mindi on RHEL3/4), and also reduces the number of error messages when dealing with links containing more than 2 references to .. Should help with some recent reports.

Also I had a report that the -H option and RESTORE keyword were not completely without interaction, so this is now solved as well.

Finally, this version supports better HP ProLiant Gen8 and future platforms by also using hp-rcu and hp-fm tools.

Now available on for more than 120 distribution tuples ! And for those who ask why I do that: first because I like it, then because I have the tools to do it, and also because I do have users who are using Fedora 7, RHEL 3 or even Red Hat 6.2.

MondoRescue 3.0.3 is finally out


I know. It’s been a long process. And I’m not even fully satisfied with the results, as we do have unresolved bugs in this version. But as it also fixes some critical others that were expecting for a long time (3+ months), I didn’t want to delay more the release of this version.

So here it is. mondo 3.0.3, mindi 2.1.4 and mindi-busybox 1.18.5-3 are now availble from the master ftp server. And as given in the announce, most of the distributions (nearly 100 of them) also have packages ready for use. Once more couldn’t do it without 🙂

The detailed change logs are available for mindi, mindi-busybox and mondo.

Among the main fixes brought by this version, a much better support of SLES 10, SLES 11 SP1, SLES11 SP2, especially for LVM and device exclusion, grub, keyboard.

I also received very, very valuable contributions from users, which helps producing a better version of course, and reduce the time of the resolution of the problem in the upstream version. Thanks again for helping ! Including on some very old bugs. And Victor being one of the most prolific.

There are even some new features such as the support of swaplabel or the inclusion of all tools part of minimal.conf now in the first boot part.

As said earlier, some bugs ar not fixed yet. I passed most of the week trying to fix the automatic mode where CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn’t work. I added support in 3.0.3 of an inittab file, but whatever the conf I use fo now, it doesn’t trigger a reboot when using the magic key or sending it from the KVM monitor. So be warned and use with care. I’ll report on the busybox ML as I still have the issue with 1.20.2, and try to get help from this community. Could well trigger the release of a new mindi-busybox (and maybe mindi) soon after this one.

In the serie of un-fixed bugs for lack of time for this time are some that a user reported as more important to fix soon:

  • Ticket #628: 3.0.2-1 Fail to Restore from External Hard Disk – This is a very big issue here.
  • Ticket #641: Specifying the Same Backup to NFS via CLI=Success via GUI=Fail – Although it is possible to work around this problem it is preventing the creation of exceptional backups by users with little knowledge of Mondo. A fix will be most welcome and will present a more appropriate impression of Mondo.
  • Ticket #640: mondo.tmp.xxxxx & mondo.scratch.xxxxx Issues – This is not a critical issue. A fix will help with backup management and housekeeping tasks.

I globally agree these are also important to fix (even if less than Ticket 627). I also think we need to work on Ticket 656 as well. I’d like to get your comments as well in order to prioritize the fixes in the next version, as I can’t work full time on MondoRescue, so need to choose where to put my efforts.

busybox fix while preparing MondoRescue for its 3.0.3 version


While preparing the new version of MondoRescue (test packages on their way for final remarks before having next stable version), I was trying to make a missing version of mindi-busybox for a colleague still using RHEL 3. I quickly realized that my promise to make it (hoping to just type pb -p mondorescue -m rhel-3-i386,rhel-3-x86_64 -r tags/3.0.2 cms2vm) was not so easy to perform 😦

It happens that the version we use (1.18.5) doesn’t compile out of the box for such an old beast as a RHEL 3 with it’s 2.4 kernel. So I had to make some adaptations to the code, in order to have it compile for RHEL3, but still working for newest versions. At least, I have something which seems to be working for RHEL 3, RHEL 6 and Fedora 18, so now I’m building for all my supported distros which now are 120+ and will probably take up to mid day tomorrow.

For those of you interested, had issues with the main Makefile, statfs.h (HAVE_SYS_STATFS_H shouldn’t be set in RHEL 3 case) and a missing BLKGETSIZE64 macro, and the corresponding patch is at:

With that I’m also trying to fix 2 remaining bugs ( and which should have no other impact. The first one is still not fully tested as corrected.

My goal is to publish the next stable version 3.0.3 of MondoRescue this week-end, for my birthday 😉

Finally time to publish pb 0.12.2


As you can see with the few messages I had time to post on this blog, the end of 2012 start of 2013 has been pretty busy, and I’m late in delivering the 2 projects I’m leading. So this week, I decided it was time to make a 0.12.2 version of pb, and make it available. Was asked by my colleagues of FOSSology, specially to add Fedora 18 support, so I also build my VMs to make packages on this distro.

BTW, a bit of ranting for Fedora once more: no perl by default :-(, and no ifconfig nor route command either which is breaking MondoRescue of course, and I guess tons of other software around. These guys don’t care about past, but don’t provide compatibility tools either !! So I’ll have to make new patches, just to do the same as what was done, but with another command again. Not to speak of systemd which I still have issues to deal with 😦 That doesn’t make stuff go faster !

Anyway, the version is now out, no official bugs fixed, but a lot of small stuff here and there which were desrving a release. No time to test Fedora 17/18 VE yet, so you’ll have to do that yourself if you want. I also had a look at virsh usage in combination with pb, and it’s again not as easy as it could seem to be. Especially port redirection I’m easily using by launching qemu-kvm manually with the -redir or hostfwd option doesn’t seem to be possible with the user mode network through virsh (neither manager nor CLI). Will have to post on their ML to see how they do that, if they can !

And MondoRescue has been very late. I really need to publish a verion, but I still have some blocking bugs I really would like to get rid of: CTRL+ALT+DEL not working anymore during restore, some LVM issues on RHEL, some grub issues on SLES… Hopefully at the end of next week I’ll have made progresses.

Of course patches are much easy to integrate, but I receive more bug reports than them 😉

And also back to preparing the HP internal TES event, Solutions Linux confs, submitting to LinuxCon, working on an FLOSS ITIL stack, learning more OpenStack, looking at Intel’s TXT…. so many things I’d like to do or learn and will never have time to ! Maybe at least I’ll talk about that another time.

Availability of the beta of MondoRescue 3.0.3 (and mindi 2.1.4)


We have had a long work on this version to fix some issues reported by a customer on SLES 11 SP2 particularly, which will benefit all MondoRescue users. The support of that last version of SLES is now fully working, and it allowed us to fix issues around LVM, /dev/dm-* devices and grub boot loader re-installation. A lot of other bugs have been fixed during this version (some 23), and I really encourage you to test it and report your findings on our mailing-list.

Before the final publication, I’d like to fix the issues encountered by Fedora 17 users, but I’ve not neen able to reproduce it correctly on my side up to now, and I stil l have to work on the latest log files reported to me in order to understand what is creating the issue some users are seeing.

But if no blocking point is found before end of week, and if my tests are successful, I think we’ll have a good 3.0.3/2.1.4 couple that I’d like to push as stable. Fedora fixes could then be done in a later mindi version (as this is what is mainly creating a problem now).

Thanks for your patches, support and now tests !

Mindi 2.1.3 is now available


Ok, so before 1 week in my other life (amateur early music musician), I want to publish this new update of mindi only. It fixes 4 minor bugs that have been reported, mostly with fixes, and that should make MondoResuce more robust again. To be used with mondo 3.0.2.

This version brings:

  • Fix #621 by avoiding to handle iso9660 and bind FS type from fstab.
  • Fix a bug in mindi where regular expressions were used with grep without the -E option
  • Fix #614 SLES kbd issue
  • Improves Mageia 2 support which needs .ko.xz modules detection

All packages have been made and are available at
So happy disaster recovery !