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Meet at HP ExpertOne Technology & Solutions Summit


For those of you working for an HP value added reseller (VAR) and attending the HP ExpertOne Technology & Solutions Summit on Barcelona from the 3rd to the 7th of February, feel free to meet during one of the session I’ll (co-)deliver:

For those of you wondering why and MondoRescue versions are not published more regularly, that gives you a hint 😉

See you there to talk of these subjects or something else as you see fit. I’m around the whole week.

The PUSK 0.9.7 is now available


What ? PUSK ? What’s that ? This is the ProLiant USB Setup Key 🙂

This is a USB key you can now use to capture a hardware configuration of your HP ProLiant server (tested with G7 and Gen8). For that you just have to boot on the USB key and type “capture” at the boot prompt. Configuration is stored on the key, with the operation logs.

Then you can modify the conf files, or just use the single one we provide for what is really specific in a server (iLO credentials and IP conf), and redeploy that hardware configuration on a new server. For that just boot the new server on the key, and voilà !!

More over to deploy, you don’t need a keyboard, mouse, screen attached to the server, so if you are working in a place where your server is just electrically and networkly connected, that sufficient, and at the end the server will shutdown once the hardware configuration is done. Just restart it, and start controlling it remotely from the iLO do perform whatever further installation/customization you need to do.

So this is an easy way to have an operator perform the operation, doesn’t need Linux knowledge, nor platform knowledge. He just has to send the logs back to the dev team in case a problem occurs so they can debug.

And more over, thanks to HP, this is all GPLv2 Free Software 😉

Now the important part, where to download it ?

The full 0.9.7 key is available at
Just use dd to burn it onto your key and boot with it (WARNING: default mode is to deploy !)

For those of you who want to hack on the code, the entry point is at and the Wiki (Home page) at

Hope you’ll find it useful. Let us know what you think of it.

OSSI: Best Stronger Together EMEA Red Hat Partner 2011



HP Intel and Red Hat OSSI

Stronger Together Award



HP and Intel have been honored with the Stronger Together Award at the Red Hat EMEA Partner Summit which took place in Dublin 5-8 of June.
During the event, HP has delivered keynote and breakout sessions and experts from the Solution Center managed the joint HP and Intel booth. Participants were able to see the HP ProLiant DL980 G7 and to witness demonstrations of advanced virtualization with RHEL 6.1 KVM and SRIOV on top of HP ProLiant Xeon systems as part of the joint HP Intel and Red Hat Open Source Solutions Initiative (OSSI).


“The 12 year partnership between HP and Red Hat is based on collaborative engineering and joint marketing activities that have led to a wide range of partner engagements and customer successes across all industries. HP and Intel were delighted to be joint gold sponsors at the Red Hat Partner Summit in Dublin week held in Dublin, and to win Red Hat’s  "Stronger Together" award. This was a great acknowledgement of our tireless work, particularly within the EMEA HP, Intel, and Red Hat Open Source Solutions Initiative based in Grenoble France, to ease our customer’s transition to open source and to equip them in their journey to the cloud…”

– Rhys Austin, Senior Business Development Manager,

HP Industry Standard Server EMEA


“From the outset of its partnership with Red Hat, HP has shown a strong commitment to Red Hat’s business.and were very keen to educate their staff on Red Hat offerings and expand their footprint within Red Hat’s partner ecosystem. In 2009 Red Hat became involved in the HP Intel Solution Center located in Grenoble, an innovative center offering a unique collaborative working environment where HP, Intel and partners can work together.  Our HP, Intel and Red Hat Open Source Solutions Initiative (OSSI) brings together an ecosystem of partners and customers from these companies and can leverage a strong vertical focus where necessary.  It is important to Red Hat that the technical expertise at the Solution Center in Grenoble includes open source, plus extended knowledge around HW, Storage, HA, solutions and consulting offerings. and we are looking forward to further developing our joint initiative with HP and Intel.”

– Petra Heinrich, VP
Partners & Alliances,

Red Hat EMEA


To learn more about the OSSI and RISC to Linux on ProLiant migrations, you may contact Arnaud Meurant ( or Bruno Cornec ( and visit our web site at


To learn more on the event, visit





Third day at the EMEA Red Hat partner Summit


Time again to attend the Keynote !

Werner Knoblich eVP Red Hat EMEA, covered as usual the latest results from Red Hat in EMEA:

  • YoY 34% increase
  • 3% increase on the indirect to reach 63%
  • 155 more new net people in EMEA reaching 1000 (only 100, 8 years ago !)

Werner mentioned the future role of virtualization, insisting on the importance of the openvirtualization alliance to avoid a future MicroSoft to be created, and the commitment of IBM, HP and Intel in it.

Rhys Austin,Senior Business Development Manager for HP Industry Standard Server (ISS) EMEA, was presenting the instant-on enterprise with HP CloudSystem as next keynote. He started insisting on the importance of the channel for HP, as it is for Red Hat.He mentioned that the Business department is today outpacing the IT department. So Cloud is thought to be helpful in that approach, including buying external resources to the company. Concerns around cloud are in order: Lock in, Performanace, Availability and Security; and external vs internal integration.
Rhys then described the multiple aspects a cloud architecture should cover, depending also on the user’s point
of view, and presented how HP ClouSystem could give answers to all these feature requests and concerns.

Rhys also presented HP Cloud Maps, aligned with Red Hat Cloud strategy to accelerate application deployment and create cloud services (RAC and JBoss already provided). And Rhys detailed how Red Hat products fit into HP CloudSystem.

He finally exposed that partners need to question their customers’ cloud strategy to not risk loosing business
and be positioned in that new play either as provider, aggregator or broker. HP cannot do that without partners.

Joel Berman, VP Global Field Marketing at Red Hat, was kind enough to mention how our Solution Center in Grenoble and the joint Open Source Solutions
that I initiated there between HP, Intel and Red Hat could help customers and partners make more business w
ith us ! But that was not the nicest mention for us that day 😉

Craig Muzilla, VP of the Middleware Business Unit at Red Hat, then went on stage to describe where Red Hat is on the JBoss side, in a session called “JBoss Everywhere – Better for the Enterprise. Ready for the Cloud”. He insisted on how JBoss is now used strategically by large companies such as SFR, NYSE, Allianz, …

Red Hat announced JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 (supporting JEE 6, and CDI contributed to JCP)
Red Hat announced also JBoss Enterprise Data Grid 6 (foundation for Cloud computing)

Craig went on describing the future of JBoss around mobility, cloud and SOA. He also covered MRG and BRMS.

We then had a very fruitfull meeting with Jim Totton and Joel Berman, which continued on our booth as well with Lars Hermann. After a bit of booth duty, it was time again to deliver our second session around best practices for RISC/Unix to RHEL on HP Xeon based ProLiant migration. You can get ideas of the topics we covered by reading the excellent blog article of Arnaud who is leading that activity at WW level for HP.
We had less people than the day before, but hopefully this will lead to some concrete further on contacts around concrete migration opportunities !

Again a dense day, but it was not the end, as we still had to attend the dinner at the Guiness StoreHouse, where Red Hat announces their prices for the best partners of the year, and organize a fun evening with the 700+ partners representatives that are attending.

And I must confess that this part of the day was the most interesting for us !! More on that in the next article.

Second day at the EMEA Red Hat partner Summit


So time to go back to the keynotes again !

Paul Cormier, eVP of Products and Technolopgies at Red Hat, started with a bit of IT history (’80 locked with Dec and Sun, ’90 locked with Microsoft, ’00 Open Source with Red Hat, ’10 Red Hat Cloud) then we went on explaining the Fedora community and linkage to RHEL, as well as JBoss and RHEV foundations. And Cloud foudation (with Cloud Forms and Open Shift as seen yesterday). I’d have expect a bit more of content on the Cloud aspects at Red Hat and its infrastructure.

Jean Staten Healy of IBM then did its yearly advertising campain again with their now famous 1B$ dedicated to Linux… in 2001 ! Ok, to be fair she also mentioned a lot KVM and the Open Virtualization Alliance whose HP is also a governing member. Of course take it with a grain of salt, as I’m working for a compettor, but I was really not impressed.

St Boniface was the starting part of the next talk of Ron Tolido of Cap Gemini, as an evangelist. OSL evangelism shouldn’t be needed anymore (being concretely in front of customers regularly, believe me this is just plain wrong and still has to happen !!).
Cloud has the same issue for him. His talk is on benchmark and the economics of total open source and the cloud. He was involved in Business Technology Agora sessions, which goal is to understand what business expects from IT. Business want to spend more budget on the higest part of the stack rather than on what he calls the invisible infrastructure which is for him boring (again, that’s probably I’m not a business consultant 😉 as I strongly disagree here again !).
All in all, no more IT engineers are needed and you “just” need to glue FLOSS components to have a great IIT. He was the one who bought the dog from Joel Berman joke on the IT consultant !!

I think it’s really a pity today to have such attitude to bash the guys who make the IT run really. Because at the end of the day, when it’s not working, who do you call ? Your favorite call center (where ever it happens to be ?) or your beloved system engineer (if you still happen to have one around to help you) ?

So I was quite happy to be able to have a pause with the Drum Café afterwards, which allowed us to beat on something at least 😉 Best part of the morning definitely !

We then had a very interesting meeting with Werner Knoblich, Gus Robertson and Robert Eiselt in order to sync up on our joint HP, Intel and Red Hat activities.

Some booth duty was planed for the luch period, before I attended a Lab on cgroups.
This is a technology which was really needed for Linux, when compared to other enterprise Unices. But the way it has been developed and integrated make it very powerful, and one of the most promising, probably after SELinux and IPtables. The ability to control resources used by what ever process is fine grained and gives lots of power to the administrator to avoid abuses, limit consumption, … up to the creation of containers !

I was not able to attend the whole Lab, due to another important snc meeting we had with the
Red Hat Regional managers (Phil Andrews, Franz Meyer, Brian Cornell). Very intereting as well. Then after some booth duty again, we delivered our first session, which was attended by some 30 persons and after that it was time to move on to the sponsor dinner and we had again some more interesting discussions with people from Nimbula and Red Hat which ended up very late during the night.

Meeting at HP Discover Las Vegas


The week of the 5th of June will be quite intense on my side. Departing the 5th afternoon to start working at the EMEA Red Hat Partner Summit during 3 days. Then even before the end of it, flying to Las Vegas on the 8th of June to be at the end of that day at the HP Discover event. I’ll then deliver a session on our Migration Roadmap from RISC to Linux on Thursday. And on Friday I’ll go on with 2 sessions, one on our joint HP+Intel+Red Hat Open Source Solutions Initiative and one on MondoRescue.

Even if it’ll be dense, as I also have additional meetings planed around, I’d be happy to meet with anyone wanting to discuss Linux at HP, Open Source in general, some of the projects I’m involved in, or early music 😉 But you’ll have to do that before Saturday as I’m leaving back to Europe.