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I’m slow to answer this week, well…


That’s normal 🙂

I’m on vacation. Or more precisely performing my second other preferred activity: early music ! This is the week I dedicate every year since 24 years now to the pleasure to meet back with my master in music, Jean Belliard. We (84 singers this year) gather during the week in Etampes, France, where we work 5 hours per day to rehearse around hundred pages of Renaissance music and be ready for our concerts at the end of the week. I really love that. Of course, 84 singers is much more than any royal chapel, even when they united the one from François I and Charles Quint (V) to celebrate peace !! But that’s the principle: share music with as many people as possible, make them encounter early music, discover how beautiful this music is, and have a unique idea after that: be there next year to redo it again 😉

Sorry, most of the links point to french pages, as this is probably mostly of interest to people located near France, even if we have had some year japanese or canadian singers on top of other european countries.

If you’re around at the end of the week, please come to listen to us. It’s free (like in beer this time) ! Just note that the last concert in Sens was cancelled.

I’ll back to MOndoRescue, and the rest next week.