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Introducing tellico2html


First, let me give you that health news are as good as they can be (no more cancer cell found in latest scan I had). I’ll come back at work by end of this month, part time, but working again ! Now I can come back to what I was doing before 🙂

Then as much as I love hearing and making music, I also love coding. And I had an issue to solve: I wanted to automate the generation of web pages from the database content I manage under tellico.

However, tellico is not providing what is needed to do that in a fully automatic mode, (while the interactive HTML export works fine) As shared on the tellico mailing list:

If I try from the CLI using the following command:

$ qdbus org.kde.tellico /Tellico org.kde.tellico.exportHTML Disques.html

I get the following error:

Error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply Did not receive a reply.

Probably the reply timeout expired due to a pretty big tc file (~ 3.8 MB)


$ unzip -p | xsltproc /usr/share/tellico/tellico2html.xsl – > Disques2.html

works, but doesn’t generate the fields I want (I could trigger the xsl file for that) but more important doesn’t generate the individual html files per CD as with the graphical interface.

So no efficient to have what I need and put it in a cron.

Perl to the rescue 😉 and an opportunity to learn new perl modules. So I wrote the new tellico2html tool, I also announced on the tellico mailing-list, to solve that problem, and I now have an automatic generation of thousands of web pages for all the objects I manage with tellico, every night, allowing me to have a daily update of my internal web site with it.

You can test that yourself by following the recipe given in the

Hope it will serve to others as well, so licensed under the AGPL v3.

And if you don’t understand anything to what I said, because you have no clue on what tellico can do, it’s really an ideal too lfor colelction management, and on my side, I use it *daily* and it has become a mandatory tool for me to manage CDs, Books, Comics, DVDs, even wine bottles !