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Meet at HPE TSS next week


Last year, due to health problems I had to cancel my participation at last minute to the HPE TSS event. Hopefully, this year I’ll be back again ! Becasue the latest results of my scanner passed last week are as good as they could be: no cancer cells remaining or re-detected, as it was the case both in june and september 2018. So I’ll be able to come back to work full time end of march as planned, but meanwhile, I’ll be working only at 100% 😉

As usual I’ll deliver multiple sessions around various topics, because that’s fun to do ! (well preparation is less fun, but delivery is, so I know I’ll keep only that in mind afterwards ;-))

So I’ll be in Paris from the 116th to the 15th of March, and if you happen to attend and want to talk with me, you should be able to find me at:

  • Redfish Implementation at HPE – IB179 – 11/03/19 (Monday) 16:00 – W02
  • Linux Roadmap – Followed by OpenSource Round Table – IB173 – 11/03/19 (Monday) 17:00 – W02
  • Lab RPM Packaging – L100 – 12/03/19 (Tuesday) 14:00 – Lab 2
  • Containers for HPC – B121 – 13/03/19 (Wednesday) 09:30 – W07
  • Redfish: Standard status – B194 – 14/03/19 (Thursday) 08:30 – W05
  • Learning Python with Redfish – L105 – 14/03/19 (Thursday) 14:00 – Lab 3
  • OpenSource Open Labs – OL61 – 15/03/19 (Friday) 11:00 – Lab 4

Well, not too bad for a poor old and ill guy 😉 But except for the Labs, I’m not alone to prepare and deliver, so makes it easier for once. So as usual if you want to talk FLOSS, projects I’m involved in, FLOSSCon 2020 or anything else, feel free to join and chat with me !


6th Technical Excellence Symposium (TES) in Grenoble 21-27 March 2014


If you are an HP employee, or a Value Added Reseller (VAR), then I’d like to invite you to come to an Event I’m co-organizing:

TES logo

High Performance Computing and Open Source Linux
Technical Excellence Symposium
17 – 21 March 2014
Grenoble, France

TES fond

The goal is to gain expertise and increase your sales and earnings potential.

You are invited to the 2014 High Performance Computing and Open Source & Linux Technical Excellence Symposium. This highly regarded technological event dedicated to professionals is the unique opportunity to boost your skills and knowledge in just 4.5 days!!

Why should you attend the EMEA HPC & OSL event?

  • Receive an update on the entire HPC and Open Source & Linux solutions including Enterprise Storage, Servers and Networking (EG) portfolio.
  • Reinforce your knowledge in this focus area.
  • Connect with the HP management and peers in the HP Certified Professional Community.

Do not miss this exclusive opportunity to give your career a boost and be part of the HPC and OSL community. This is also an excellent opportunity to get the latest technology updates even if you participated in this event before.

Pre-register today to secure your seat by clicking on the following link:

Choose among over 100 technological and solution sessions, a mix of hands-on labs, breakout demos and round tables.

This technical event covers the HP’s broad enterprise products and solutions in an open source environment of high performance computing, web services portfolio and new product introductions (e.g. Moonshot program and big data solutions).

Along the sessions, you will meet the HPC and OSL experts to share knowledge and insights in many key business areas including competitive tools.

Back home and freshly armed with an enhanced skills set, you will be ready to provide a great business value to your customers.

Throughout the event, we will offer detailed tracks on High Performance Computing solutions portfolio using our HP Blade System, ProLiant Scalable servers, Storage Works and Network products and solutions using Open Source & Linux software products and services.

We will have a huge emphasis on topics like Hyperscale products, smart storage, purpose-built servers for big data, Moonshot program wave 2 solutions as well as open cloud solutions.

Our High-level agenda is available. The detailed one will be sent to you after your registration.

In addition, there will be:

  • Sponsor sessions delivered by top names in the industry
  • Presentations by HPC and Open Source experts
  • Evening events

For detailed program information, please visit the event website

Any question? We invite you to contact us at:

We are looking forward to meeting you at the 2014 HPC and OSL Technical Symposium!

Finally time to publish pb 0.12.2


As you can see with the few messages I had time to post on this blog, the end of 2012 start of 2013 has been pretty busy, and I’m late in delivering the 2 projects I’m leading. So this week, I decided it was time to make a 0.12.2 version of pb, and make it available. Was asked by my colleagues of FOSSology, specially to add Fedora 18 support, so I also build my VMs to make packages on this distro.

BTW, a bit of ranting for Fedora once more: no perl by default :-(, and no ifconfig nor route command either which is breaking MondoRescue of course, and I guess tons of other software around. These guys don’t care about past, but don’t provide compatibility tools either !! So I’ll have to make new patches, just to do the same as what was done, but with another command again. Not to speak of systemd which I still have issues to deal with 😦 That doesn’t make stuff go faster !

Anyway, the version is now out, no official bugs fixed, but a lot of small stuff here and there which were desrving a release. No time to test Fedora 17/18 VE yet, so you’ll have to do that yourself if you want. I also had a look at virsh usage in combination with pb, and it’s again not as easy as it could seem to be. Especially port redirection I’m easily using by launching qemu-kvm manually with the -redir or hostfwd option doesn’t seem to be possible with the user mode network through virsh (neither manager nor CLI). Will have to post on their ML to see how they do that, if they can !

And MondoRescue has been very late. I really need to publish a verion, but I still have some blocking bugs I really would like to get rid of: CTRL+ALT+DEL not working anymore during restore, some LVM issues on RHEL, some grub issues on SLES… Hopefully at the end of next week I’ll have made progresses.

Of course patches are much easy to integrate, but I receive more bug reports than them 😉

And also back to preparing the HP internal TES event, Solutions Linux confs, submitting to LinuxCon, working on an FLOSS ITIL stack, learning more OpenStack, looking at Intel’s TXT…. so many things I’d like to do or learn and will never have time to ! Maybe at least I’ll talk about that another time.

TES 2011 is now over


That was both a tiring and exciting week. Tiring, because I had not a spare minute to do anything else that being involved in the Symposium. I had 2 Labs + 4 sessions to prepare for it, I wanted to follow as many sessions as possible, interact with as many people as possible (that’s the main goal !), and in fact I couldn’t completely fulfill that goal.

Finally in order to have a clean Lab, I had to publish the version 0.11.2 of just before. What is still needed to be able to claim I have a 1.0 now is probably package/repo signature. Should not be too long. Also during the MondoRescue Lab, a bug was found, which had alredy been signaled on the mailing list as well, and for which a patch has been provided yesterday ! So is not far away as well ! So interesting week for my projects 😉

But that was also very exciting, because we got the latest news on our future ProLiant servers (no I can’t disclose that, and yes what is planned is pretty amazing ;-)), our sponsors provided also this year lots of good technical content (it seems they now now this is what we want and not marketing presentations !). Steve Shaw frm Intel did a great job presenting around his very useful HammerOra GPL tool, simarly Olivier Renault made a very comprehensive tour of RHEL6, Vincent Untz covered in great details the OpenSuSE build service and appliance builder SuSE Studio and Nick Barcet made a summary of where Canonical is around Cloud computing.

Of course we had lots of great sessions made by HP speakers as well, such as Yann Allandit on Oracle, Fred Lherault on 3Par, Phil Robb on our OSL Governance strategy, Jean-Marc André on KVM and RHCS, Lester Wade on SLES HA, John Pruitt on SAP, Bdale Garbee on OSL@HP, Estella Jangaon, Vin Sharma, Karen Skweres and Bryan Gartner on next Generation ProLiant + all the one I couldn’t attend ! 52 speakers, for 107 sessions in total. And big thank to Eric Montaut for its wonderful organisation of a wine & cheese, and Jean-Luc Poirson for the global organization of the event !

I also had invited external Open Source projects to present their activities to our HP community. I was particularly interested to promote to my colleagues FusionInventory and iTop, and have them in the same room presenting to create some synergy between the projects, as I think there is great benefit from their association. Too bad I was presenting at the same time. It seems it worked well, and I think it’s beneficial for both HP people and external projects to have the opportunity to interact.

I can not thank enough my HP US colleagues for their venue. Bdale Garbee, Phil Robb, Estella Jangaon, Vin Sharma, Karen Skweres and of course Bryan Gartner just did an incredible job with their presentation, and re-invigorating our OSL energy. It’s great to see the power HP has internaly with them at the command.

Now time to consider the next HP events: The HP Discover one in Las Vegas will be as usual a giant proof of HP capabilites, while the next Tech Tour could well be very OSL focussed again with even more on next generation of ProLiant, and possibility to touch them for us OSL Advocates ! Can’t barely wait till then !

Very busy days as usual before leaving for one week of vacations


It’s was very dense at work this week, to prepare some customer meetings my colleagues will deliver next week, with our Symposium preparation, some meetings around the OSSI, …

More over, in order for all of these activities to work fine, I wanted to publish 0.11.1 and MondoRescue So I’m happy to finish the week-end very tired, ill but with a success… still in progress. Most of pb is already on the ftp server, and MondoRescue will follow soon.

So I think that my next week with my wife in Turkey will be relaxing and enjoyable as I really need it.

I’ll make the official announces of the 2 projects next week I think, as I won’t have time before leaving very early tomorrow.

Next version will support the Mageia distribution


With the announcement of the first Mageia ISO, I thought it was ready enough to try to add Mageia support to So after the patch rev [1213], I produced my first mageia packages made with for pb itself.

A good start and a good preparation for me to allow for an even smoother migration when time will come to adopt this new distribution.

I’ve also made lots of various patches to better support additional sources when needed for the build, fix errors related to parallel build which were in 0.10.1, but that created again an incompatibility forcing people to update again pb inside their VM/VE/RM to work flawlessly with the pb outside.

Speaking of RM, this is a new concept in pb ! Remote Machines are now supported. Well not everything works fine as of now. setuprm has improved but has still bugs, but we are starting to see the light and being able to produce packages not only locally inside VMs or chroots (aka Virtuel Environments), but also by launching pb on a Remote Machine which can run whatever supported OS (HP-UX being the next one), which opens the door to work with buildfarms very easily.

All of that in the version 0.11.1 which should be out before the 14th of March, for our HP Technical Excellence Symposium in Grenoble, where I’ll present it, and also make a lab for our Solution Architects.