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Tribute to Dennis Ritchie: also a sign of the epoch :-(


What a shame to be so spotty 😦 Nicolas, a colleague, just sent me the news that Dennis Ritchie passed away.

If I work today on what I do, it’s thanks in part to him, so I’m grateful for what he did. And I’m far from being alone. His impact on the computer and IT history is already known as major. However, not a single line in the general french press for example that I queried online. Only IT sites speaks of this, whereas for S. Jobs there had been major news.

Hope people will realize that without Dennis Ritchies work on Unix back in the 70′, there won’t be any iPhone today, nor iMac. Too bad that Unix is becoming so old, as a generation is reaching an age where this type of news will become more regular. But it’s also encouraging to see that so many took the light further after him, and I’m sure he was proud of the work accomplished, which is all what you want to feel when the end arrives no ? So Requiescat in Pace Dennis.

Anyway, I’m grateful he did what he did, I’m enjoying so much what I do in my work today thanks to his work (and the one of Thomson, Kernigham, Tovalds, Stallman, Gutemberg, Pythagore, Petrucci, too numerous real creators to be cited all here …)

We stand on giants shoulders. We just need to be reminided of that from time to time. And celebrate them, as much as we can when they are still with us.