reaches 0.13.2

Before leaving for a 15 days trip to the US, I’ve published the latest version 0.13.2 of

It will be very useful for my colleagues and friends working on python-redfish to make local packages for testing that module, and then to publish it in upstream distributions such as Mageia and Fedora to start with.

That version improves git support, ssh support with ECDSA (for RHEL 7 distributions which have removed DSA by default), provides Fedora 22 and 23 support as well (with dnf).

Of course, is available for 160 distribution tuples because it uses to make that possible ! And if I can do that for this project, then you can probably do it as well for yours. The goal again is to help upstream projects to provide upstream packages for various distributions to help users, testers to install the software on their system. And so is the tool itself, you can download it easily and test it following the instructions described in the Lab document.

I have the intention to work next on improving the conf files to support regular expressions for the labels (to allow making conf entries such as minosdep fedora-2[0-9] = ….), looking at transforming them to use JSON instead of their own format (JSON wasn’t an option when I started back in 2005) and also looking at the Swagger2 perl module to help build a RESTful API around

As usual, that’s not the lack of idea which is preventing all that to arrive but the lack of time. So don’t hold your breath if you plan to do GET/POST request to build your packages with but it will come. And now this version is available, back to MondoRescue to fix the UEFI support !


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7 Responses to “ reaches 0.13.2”

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  2. Jan Says:


    i want to access the redfish API via Perl, but i cant find a solution for this task.
    Do you got any ideas on this??

    Kind Regards

    • brunocornec Says:

      I don’t think anybody has tried to do what we’re doing with python-redfish in perl. That would not be that difficult, but you need to find people willing to work on it. On my side, I don’t have enough time for this at the moment 😦

  3. Jan Says:

    Hey thank for you reply.. I only want to do some GETs from redfish but get “SSL connect attempt failed” Error πŸ™‚ Is this something with oData?

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