An end and a new start

After nearly a year, I’ve now been declared in remission with my lymphoma. So that’s the end of this period. But I’m not completely done, as I’ll need to regularly check it’s not coming back. Being cured, is only possible after 5 years of remission. And I now need to return all the care my wife gave to me to her, as she was diagnosed with a breast cancer back in october 2018, operated immediately and she’s now in the mid of her own chemiotherapy, before radiotheray. So the real end should rather be around june this year, if everything continues to be for the best for her as it also seems to be (she had a much less streamlined relationship with the hospital, but that’s another story).

So now, it’s time to start again working full time to HPE (next week officially, even if with the recent events, I’ve been more than half time) and to come back to my FLOSS projects that have been suffering themselves meanwhile.

And the first one, as it’s the basis of the rest forme, is I already had made modifications to use YAML type of configuration files, instead of my own format up to now (well, when I started back in 2007, YAML wasn’t as popular as it is today) but didn’t had time to test on other projects and publish and of course I also fixed some bugs such as:

So as of now, version 0.15.1 of is available and ready for you to test and thus improve your Continuous Packaging approach as part of your automation chain. Enjoy !

And now that my production toolset is ready again, I can come back at last to MondoRescue to publish that version that as been waiting for way too long now. Expect news in the coming weeks.


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7 Responses to “An end and a new start”

  1. Charles Schulz Says:

    Good luck Bruno, I’ll keep your wife in my prayers too.

  2. Ricardo Says:

    I am sorry to use this medium to send you this information.
    The site is down.

    • brunocornec Says:

      Crawlers are creating that fact regularly. I’ve relaunched it manually (there is an automatic one every week, but it’s too long to wait for that heck. I’ll increase the check period to improve that)

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