python-redfish reached 0.3, first interesting version for others


Back in 2015, during our internal TES event in Grenoble, a group of people gathered to talk about the new Redfish DMTF standard and how we could add its support into Ironic.

Since that, we have worked first on a new Open Source python library to interact programmatically with Redfish 1.0 based systems.

We tried to promote it during OpenStack Summits but except in Vancouver when I did a short video explaining that, not enough interest from the community. Of course we had very few to show at that time.

One year after, we have now reached version 0.3 of the project. And while that doesn’t sound a lot, in fact the libray is now usable by others to interact with Redfish based systems.

What it provides:

Our next steps are in multiple directions:

Hopefully, as you’re reading this, you’re interested by the topic, and we’d be happy to get your feedback, and more over your patches in order to improve our work, and speed up the development !

And don’t forget the HPE Open Source project available as well on github which provides much more capabilities, due to its support of the iLO and iLOCM extensions to the Redfish standard.

MondoRescue 3.2.2 is finally available


I don’t know you, but I was waiting for this version for a long time. Way too long ! But I’m lucky, I’m not time based for releases. I’m really much more features based. And the one I really needed to catch for this version was UEFI support for RHEL/CentOS 6 & 7. HPE has teams and customers which were really needing that to work correctly, which is, from my series of tests, now the case. And I had confirmation from my colleagues that it was indeed working for them as expected just recently. So it was then time to publish !

While I was at it, I tried to fix at the same time some other annoying issues that were reported by the community on the mailing list, while leaving some other problems for the next time, as it was already too much delayed. So I know the Debian and Ubuntu users won’t get UEFI support working, as I had not enough time to test it (my test infra is now being used for trainings for 2 weeks), similarly for SLES 11 SP4 with UEFI (which uses elilo, while I now support grub, grub2 and syslinux, but this one doesn’t work correctly with UEFI IMO).

In addition to what was already done and reported here previously, I have hopefully fixed the following additional issues:

  • #777: Full UEFI support with grub 0.9 and grub2 configuration generation in addition to syslinux (limited to RHEL6, RHEL7)
  • #778 use dosfslabel/mr-label to recreate labelled FAT or VFAT FS
  • #757, #780 and #781 to fix md support
  • #792 to fix LVM support, by forcing fixed values for LE if percentage calculated for it is 0
  • #787 to fix USB support by cleaning the target dir of its syslinux content

In total 24 bugs have been officially closed and additional features improved or fixed as well. Look at the details in trac for the complete list of changes during these last 8 months of pregnancy of the new version:-)

But, of course, things do not stop here. In addition to fixes which needs to be done as mentioned upper, I’d like to add support for Secure Boot e.g. in the next version to have a full UEFI support, and work again on code refactoring even more.

For now, let’s take time to celebrate and hopefully this will be for you as users the best version possible of MondoRescue available to date !

Lettre ouverte au médiateur de la Poste


Je pensais naïvement qu’il y avait des personnes responsables à un certain niveau à la Poste. J’ai vraiment de gros doutes maintenant.

Le rappel des faits, pour ceux que cela intéresse est décrit dans cet article.

En résumé, depuis il a fallu 9 mois à la poste pour créer un compte CCP à ma fille, 3 pour le clôturer d’office, et depuis pas de réponse à nos sollicitations pour récupérer l’argent qui était dessus !! En fait c’est juste un vol. Pas d’une grosse somme mais rien que pour le principe, je ne souhaite pas laisser cela passer.

J’ai donc envoyé ma réclamation en fin d’année dernière à l’adresse suivante : La Banque Postale – Service SRP – 11 rue Bourseul – 75900 Paris CEDEX 15., suivant la recommandation du site Web du médiateur de la Poste. Ah, évidemment, je ne suis pas la Poste moi, donc il y a des frais d’envoi pour un dossier de 7 pages !! Et depuis j’ai attendu une réponse.

Vous devinez qu’il n’y en a pas eu sinon je n’écrirai pas ici n’est ce pas !

Donc on monte d’un cran dans l’escalade, je contacte en Avril 2016 le médiateur de la Poste lui-même, puisque c’est la procédure. Et cette fois, il y a la possibilité de le faire en ligne ! Waoah ! Enfin, ce n’est pas aussi bien que les impots, ne vous enthousiasmez pas trop vite non plus. Déjà pour arriver à faire une requête, il faut répondre à des questions, dont à qui a-t-on a envoyé sa requête, mais il n’est pas possible de dire qu’on l’a fait auprès du service mentionné ci-dessus. Si on dit le Bureau de poste, ou le centre financier, en général cela se finit par un message disant que vous ne pouvez pas contacter le médiateur car vous n’avez pas suivi le processus ! Bon le truc, je vous le donne, c’est de dire que la Poste a répondu à la réclamation, même si c’est faux, sinon, on ne peut pas aller plus loin. Donc le médiateur ne peux jamais être au courant que les conseillers ou les centres de réclamation ne fonctionnent pas correctement. Pratique non ?

Bon, j’arrive à faire ma demande, je joins les échanges et les liens vers mes articles de blog précédents, pensant que cela suffirait à intéresser le médiateur sur le dysfonctionnement patent de la Banque Postale. Mais non ! J’ai reçu un courrier (j’avais demandé à être recontacté par mail, mais visiblement, le médiateur aussi est resté coincé au XXè siècle). Il me dit simplement que ma demande n’est pas recevable, car je n’ai pas contacté le fameux service ci-dessus auquel j’avais envoyé mon courrier !!

Cela commence sérieusement à m’énerver maintenant. Je comprends mieux le problème que j’ai rencontré, car finalement, dans ce groupe, trop de monde se fiche éperdument de satisfaire le client, y compris là où l’on devrait examiner sérieusement les réclamations. Je suis déjà passé par des services de médiation et n’ai jamais été traité de la sorte. Et avec tout cela, pas une adresse mail pour envoyer des attachements pour étayer son dossier, le vide numérique😦

Je ne comprends pas qu’ils aient autant de clients, mais je comprends qu’il fasse de la marge en ne restituant pas ce qui nous est dû !

Il me reste encore un échelon, c’est le médiateur bancaire qui lui m’a déjà apporté des solutions par le passé.

Espérons … car je tiens à récupérer pour ma fille les quelques euros qui étaient sur ce compte.

Time to test what should be the latest beta of MondoRescue 3.2.2


Well, I thought it could still take more time, but I had the possibility to dedicate enough time to fix and test the UEFI support for RHEL7 so I think it’s worth sharing and hopefully get good feedback from you before tagging it as final.

So a new beta of MondoRescue 3.2. is on its way. Please test it, especially if you try to do a backup/restore of a UEFI based system as this should now work flawlessly, including putting back EPS UUIDs. Should also work for other grub 2.x type of distributions such as Debian 8 e.g.

And share your report on our mailing-list !

I may have time to work on some remaining pretty annoying issues (#757 and #780 which look similar, maybe #781) but can’t promise for sure they will be part of this one which has been delayed way too much.

Current state of the changelogs are at, and

Progresses with MondoRescue 3.2.2


Of course I’m late. No surprise here😦 I think the only day I’m not will be for my death😉

So 3.2.1 was published the 31st of August 2015.
Version 3.2.2 was supposed to be a maintenance version of that one and was thus planned to be published mid October 2015. However, there were requests from various users to provide a version supporting UEFI boot mode on ProLiant servers. That enhancement request alone accounts for most of the delay encountered while developing this version as it turned out to be way more impacting than I thought.

So some bugs encountered on previous versions have been solved:

However with regards to the single enhancement request in that version to add UEFI support, many tickets were made:

The last one, is the most tricky to solve.
MondoRescue uses since day one a single bootloader, coming from the syslinux project, to manage all boot media it generate :
– isolinux for bootable CD/DVD and tapes
– syslinux for bootable USB devices
– pxelinux for bootable network setup.

This has the advantage of homogeneity and simplifies what the mindi tool has to generate in order to implement that support.

However, when using syslinux.efi to provide a bootable media on HPE ProLiant servers setup in UEFI boot mode, we obtain red screen showing a boot time crash.

Despite many attempts first with various options, then with the help of the syslinux community back in October 2015 (Cf: and
the related thread) using beta versions of syslinux or the latest ProLiant Firmware, I never succeeded in obtaining a UEFI bootable syslinux based media😦

I’ve had contacts in December 2015 with the ProLiant Firmware engineering team, but we didn’t had yet a joint work on this issue. My plan would be to first diagnose precisely the origin of that error with this team, and then depending on the results to invite them around the table with the syslinux developers during potentially an upcoming LinuxCon NA (August 2016) to solve it for good.

As all that means we won’t have a final solution with syslinux.efi before end of summer 2016 at the earliest. Therefore, I’ve worked on adding support for other boot
loaders in MondoRescue.

Grub 0.99 support was added in August 2015 before the publication of 3.2.1 and we had success testing a full backup/recovery cycle on RHEL 6, while some other users encountered issues with that. Since November 2015, that should was considered fairly stable, and thus was made the default for RHEL 6 only.

Grub 2.0x support was added very recently (the 22nd of February 2016) with other modifications required to better support correctly mutiple boot loaders on multiple backup media (consolidation of code split into different functions in mindi). This was now tested successfully yesterday and I was able to make a full cycle with mindi on a physical server with RHEL 7. The restore now even present the MondoRescue menu to choose from.

However, while mindi now seems to be working fine for this configuration, this is still not the case for mondoarchive. I’ve started to unify the UEFI support between the 2 tools, and hopefully this week I should see positive results leading to a test version published for the MondoRescue community to try RSN ! And with your retunrs, I should be able to publish that long awaited version rapidly after around start of April probably.

I understand it took much more time than expected initially, and I’ve been myself giving wrong estimates for the delivery of the new version many times. Let’s hope this time I’ll be more accurate.
Hope this explains more the ground reasons why it was so, and the attempt to mitigate the real problem we have with syslinux on UEFI boot mode that may not be solved soon. reaches 0.13.2


Before leaving for a 15 days trip to the US, I’ve published the latest version 0.13.2 of

It will be very useful for my colleagues and friends working on python-redfish to make local packages for testing that module, and then to publish it in upstream distributions such as Mageia and Fedora to start with.

That version improves git support, ssh support with ECDSA (for RHEL 7 distributions which have removed DSA by default), provides Fedora 22 and 23 support as well (with dnf).

Of course, is available for 160 distribution tuples because it uses to make that possible ! And if I can do that for this project, then you can probably do it as well for yours. The goal again is to help upstream projects to provide upstream packages for various distributions to help users, testers to install the software on their system. And so is the tool itself, you can download it easily and test it following the instructions described in the Lab document.

I have the intention to work next on improving the conf files to support regular expressions for the labels (to allow making conf entries such as minosdep fedora-2[0-9] = ….), looking at transforming them to use JSON instead of their own format (JSON wasn’t an option when I started back in 2005) and also looking at the Swagger2 perl module to help build a RESTful API around

As usual, that’s not the lack of idea which is preventing all that to arrive but the lack of time. So don’t hold your breath if you plan to do GET/POST request to build your packages with but it will come. And now this version is available, back to MondoRescue to fix the UEFI support !

In order to meet at the OpenStack Summit in Austin, vote for us !


We’ve made 3 different but related proposals for the upcoming OpenStack Summit, and as everybody, we would like to be retained in order to disclose what we’re working on and think could improve the ecossytem.

Our first proposal is “Empowering Ironic with Redfish support” which aims at describing our plans to add Redfish support to Ironic.

The second, which would benefit greatly from the work of the first, is “Alexandria: The librarian bridging OpenStack and CMDBs” which is a nascent new component to allow easily with a plugin based architecture to bridge CMDBs (starting with the great Open Source iTop one) and OpenStack features such as bare-metal deployment with Ironic, managing also automatic inventory. Amitious but pretty useful in our opinion, of course to help manage our Datacenter, but the one of any OpenStack customer as well.

Finally, We’d like to present our overall view on how OpenSTack is at the heart of a Software Defined Infrastructure with our last presentation. This one targets more architects and decision makers, while the 2 others will be more technical and cover implementation details. All will have demos.

Hopefully, you’ll agree with me to find that these topics deserve being elected !! And thus vite for them😉

In that case, I can just wish we’ll meet over there:-) !

Fosdem is here again !


In addition to next week event participation for HPE in Cannes, I’ll be at Fosdem the coming week-end in Brussels. And I’m so happy to be able to be there again, as it has been since 2012 that i’ve not participated.

This time, it’s not MondoRescue or related. But the presentation that was selected is part of the Distributions dev room. The title is “Building Linux distribution packages with Docker”. I’ve been using Docker to help in building packages since a long time now, and latest version is now supporting it pretty well to help me package my upstream projects. But I want to cover a different aspect.

Docker has brought an ease of use without comparison with VMs typically to build native upstream distribution packages. Where before it was needed to
launch a complete environment, copy the sources into it, invoke the build tools to create the packages and then copy them back to the host, Docker has made all these steps much easier and straight forward, allowing for more rapid package production and automation.

This presentation will show a detailed use case for building packages for both Mageia and Fedora with their respective bm or koji tools encapsulated in Docker containers. It should help any upstream packager adopt a similar approach to make his packaging task a breathe.

Will be there Saturday the 30th of January (my 20′ talk is at 11:30 in K.4.201) and I’ll stay till Sunday early afternoon. Feel free again to catch me and discuss. When not in my talk, I’ll be in other sessions and also around the Mageia Booth.

And come in mass as this is one of the best FLOSS event WW. Really !

Time to Meet at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology & Solutions Summit 2016 !


New company name, new event name for our presales and channel partners, but same content of quality with the best experts to transfer knowledge on everything HPE !

And this year, we’ll have a track dedicated to Open Source and Linux ! It’s a first (and hopefully not the last time it’ll be given).

So I’ll be in Cannes next week to cover:

  • HP Helion Openstack 2.0: architecture and live demo – Breakout 145 – Tuesday 2nd of February 2016 – 5:40PM-6:30PM
  • HPE’s Open Source Strategy – Breakout 153 – Wednesday 3rd of February 2016 – 3:00PM-3:50PM
  • Linux Distributions roadmap – Breakout 154 – Thursday 4th of February 2016 – 9:30AM-10:20AM
  • HPE ProLiant Gen9 value add on Linux – Hands-on Lab 24 – Thursday 4th of February 2016 – 4:45PM-6:45PM

And you should be able to meet the Geeks on Wednesday afternoon, myself included.

Other subject of interest are the breakouts 86 (Intro to open source infra automation tools), 48 (container and next gen architecture), and 151 (building an open source high perf object storage cluster with Ceph) and of course the Labs (the Redfish and UEfI ones in particular) and SuSE and Red Hat sponsor sessions. Lots to see !

For those of you wondering why and MondoRescue versions are not published more regularly, that gives you again a hint😉 Not speaking of the next event in March in Grenoble, TES, where I’m part of the Event team this time.

See you there to talk of these subjects or something else as you see fit. I’m around the whole week.

Diabete and Linux


Last September, I was diagnosed with diabete. I had to pass 5 days in the hospital for complete exams, and was given insulin to solve that issue.

One of the thing you have to do in such case is take your blood sugar level very regularly to check that evrything is fine. And to do that, you have a small equipment which puch your finger, measure the level and store it. Of course, you want to be able to keep that for analysis, communication with your doctors, …

So I was provided with 3 different equipment at the hospital. One was working very well with Linux. USB connection, seen as a drive, equiped with an html page and some javascript to make graphs, stats, tables, … That was the only working so nice with Linux so I went for it. That model is the Accu-Chek® Mobile from Roche. And of course, it’s also a excellent medical choice as it provides everything in it, no test strip to handle, needles included. Very handy.

Accu-Chek Mobile demo

In order to prepare my meeting with the specialist, after 3 months, I wanted to copy everything on my Linux system, and prepare graphs and tables locally, as well as making a backup. But the software provided wasn’t working at all once copied on my system. I had the main page, but nothing was creating the pictures I was used to see when using the device connected through USB.

It turns out there are issues with upper and lower case in the code made on the device. Probably few people have tested it with Linux before😉
So I made a patch to apply after copying the content of the device on my hard drive, and now everything works as expected.

The patch is the following:

diff -ru /run/media/bruno/ACCU-CHEK/html/start_body.htm ./html/start_body.htm
--- /run/media/bruno/ACCU-CHEK/html/start_body.htm      2012-07-18 13:08:50.000000000 +0200
+++ ./html/start_body.htm       2015-10-29 00:41:52.903662869 +0100
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
-    http://../js/setting.js
+    http://../js/Setting.js
diff -ru /run/media/bruno/ACCU-CHEK/html/start_header.htm ./html/start_header.htm
--- /run/media/bruno/ACCU-CHEK/html/start_header.htm    2012-07-18 13:08:50.000000000 +0200
+++ ./html/start_header.htm     2015-10-29 02:10:58.384108253 +0100
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
-    http://../js/setting.js
+    http://../js/Setting.js
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@
         //crc check
         if (settings[14] === 1 && (m_useIE || m_useFF || (m_useOpera && m_useOperaVer < 11) || m_useSafari)) {
             g_totalCRC32 = 0;
-            checkCrcValue('../start.html');
+            checkCrcValue('../Start.html');
@@ -184,6 +184,8 @@
                 alt: 'len error'
+               // BCO
+               m_checkjs = 0;
         if (m_useIE || m_useFF) {
             window.parent.document.title = jQuery.i18n.prop('msg_HTMLTitle')

The last patch avoids a check based on the serial number to be done, which was creating issues for me so that’s why I desactivated it.

You also need to rename an image:

mv images/KLine.JPG KLine.jpg

Once you’ve done that, you can enjoy using your device content locally without an issue !
If someone from Roche reads this, would be great to modify upstream for future versions.

Anyway, since January, I’ve stppoed insulin as my level was extremely good and I wasn’t needed it anymore. Doing 30′ of bicycle per day and paying more attention to not eat 3 desserts too often (or very large milk-shakes as during our trip in the US, just before my blood test) is definitely helping. The next stpe is to reduce the number of medicines I’m still taking. I should start to test that next month.


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