RHEL/CentOS users: help test MondoRescue

Yes, like me the project is not dead ! I’ve been able to successfully backup/restore with the last MondoRescue test version I made for RHEL/CentOS 7. As this was a long standing issue I had with this, I’d like to see whether other users who have had issues with either 3.2.2 or the beta of 3.3. So please report on our mailing-list your findings with this (and share success, but also issues).

Even if other distros may still not fully work, I’ll publish that version if I don’t get too many negative feedback, if only to show there is still work on that project !

That should be early next week, when I’m back from the OSS NA 2019, where I’m presenting, and organizing tomorrow the first Redfish Workshop ! Don’t hesitate to come if you’re in San Diego, Room Sapphire P, 4th floor of the Hilton Bayfront.


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4 Responses to “RHEL/CentOS users: help test MondoRescue”

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